Dill Pickle and Hot Pastrami Deli Pizza

Here I am, with dill pickles on my pizza. You're not surprised are you? So many of you have been on this dill pickle journey with me and it's not about to end anytime soon ....more

The Best 5-Ingredient Sausage Gravy for Biscuits

Have you guys seen the wildfires burning out of control here on the West Coast? It's so awful! And really, I'm not anywhere near them, but the sky here is still covered in a thick layer of smoke ....more

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta Salad

The cheese stuffed tortellini, Parmesan and fresh mozzarella are like the triple threat trifecta of perfect cheesy goodness!I am so excited to share this delicious recipe with you. If you and your family love pepperoni pizza like we do over here, then you are in for a treat. And I have to say we like a few toppings with our pepperoni pizza too ....more

Riding the Skunk Train through California’s Coastal Redwoods

It had been about 12 years since my last ride on the historic Skunk Train. The previous memorable trip had me excited to return to the meandering tracks of the California Western Railroad one more time. I am not alone in my exuberance over this four hour excursion through the pristine countryside ....more

6 Happy and Helpful Picky Eating Solutions

I wish I had used some of these ideas when I was battling it out with my picky eater and drawing lines in the sand...it never worked! Kids do often come around, but the mealtime arguing over how many bites they need to take eventually wears you down and often leads to giving up. Lucky for us, Jeff Marten, has some great tips on how he and his wife helped turn their picky eater into a food adventurer ....more

Avocado Caprese Bites

When it hits two and three o'clock in the afternoon, everyone at my house is looking for a snack, myself included. Something that is satisfying and can get you through to the dinner hour is what is requested most. What, no ice cream?...more

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Icebox Cake

The weather is kind of dreamily perfect today. The sun is shining with a few high clouds and 79 degrees...only 79!! We have had an unusually hot and dry summer for Oregon ....more

Watermelon-Banana Rum Coolers

Yesterday was National Watermelon Day...not that I need a reason to indulge in one of my favorite foods. I'm almost a little sad about summer winding down, which means watermelon will not be as ready available. I literally buy up those personal watermelons and enjoy them daily ....more

Greek Pasta Salad

I've always thought of myself as being somewhat worldly when it comes to food. I’ve done my fair share of globetrotting, eating around and in many cases immersing myself in enjoying what the locals are consuming wherever I travel. Of course, that doesn’t make me a food expert, but I've always felt familiar with a lot of foods from various cultures ....more

Dill Pickle Dip

Thank you all for continuing to join me on my crazy and delicious dill pickle adventure. You know, the journey where I make dill pickle stuff, like this Dill Pickle Dip and we eat and talk about it like old friends. Yes, our relationship is so complicated ....more