Change Your Color Scheme To Liven An Unloved Hue

On-trend colors tend to change before we’ve even used last season’s products. Do you have items in a color that you loved last fall or winter, but can’t bear to look at now that summer is close? This week we’ve been altering the actual colors of products. Today let’s talk about how you can alter the feel of a product by surrounding it with a new color scheme. You can read the rest of the article at   ...more

Need Tips For Photographing Fireworks and Sparklers Tonight?

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Get Creative and Reduce Your Waste: Ideas for reusing items.

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Are You Swimming In Your Kids' School Projects?

Now that school is getting out for many of us, the kids are bringing their best work home. My kids got out of school last week and the insanity of having three at home all the time is creeping into my head. I’m learning that there isn’t much I can do to alleviate the chaos of that many little people. I have discovered something I can do with the chaos of all the projects they bring home on the last day of school! ...more