Playing Outside In The Snow And In Bhopal

We had our first December snow yesterday into early this morning.  Only a couple of inches but exciting for the kiddos (and Greg, who always seems to have snow on his birthday).  Rebecca woke us all up at 7:00 AM screaming 'Wake up!  Wake up!  It's a winter wonderland outside!'.  That didn't go over so well but we did have the 2 little ones bundled up and ready to go out by 9:00 AM.  They made snow angels (or 'jack-o-lanterns', according to Gregory), crawled like bears, and made 'soup' in an old pail full of leaves and melted snow.  This is the first year ...more

I'm Thankful I'm Not The Only One Who Found This Funny

Due to the horrid flu that has recently made the rounds through my house, I'm currently short on blogging material. Instead, let me share this incident which occurred a few weeks ago when leaving Rebecca's gymnastics lesson:...more