How I Got My Back Back

On Sunday I helped lift a giant refrigerator up and down stairs. Today I carried a squirmy toddler all over the zoo in my arms for three and a half hours. My back feels fine ....more


At 4:18 this afternoon, Ivy turned two. It seems just right for her. Perhaps I think that because I've been telling people she's two for a couple weeks already—because I like the way it sounds ....more

Out of the Blue

I was just thinking about him. Ivy's birthday is coming up, and I was remembering that when I was in early-early labor, we watched Aladdin while waiting for Rob's mom to come pick up Westley. I had just been wondering how the guy who was my first favorite actor was doing.And then I read that he was gone ....more

Thoughts While Nursing

It's official. On Monday, Ivy passed the 23-month mark, which means I have now breastfed her longer than her brother. At almost two, Ivy still nurses a remarkable—or some might say ridiculous—number of times each day ....more


I never thought Ivy looked much like her brother. In fact, one of the things I remember thinking when I first saw her was, "Wow, she looks nothing like Westley!"Most of the time,...more


I haven't written anything in over a month, because I've lost the recipe for making time.So many things have changed. If I don't think about it, everything feels kind of the same, like we're just chugging along, days and evenings all blurring together. When I step back and really think about it though, some differences are obvious ....more

21 Months

Yesterday Ivy bit me on the forearm so hard it sent an electric shock down into my hand. When I put her down and scolded her, she laughed at me. Then today she came running at me full-speed, crash-hugged my legs and gushed, "Love youuu!"I love her so much it hurts...and it really hurts ....more

Dailies 4/30

This picture isn't even from today, but it's the only semi-decent one of Ivy lately. Ivy, who is 20 months old now—almost 21 months—which means I just tell the people who ask, "She's almost two."She's almost two, and it was so warm out today it reminded me of the day she was born. It was positively summery, and I was so grateful ....more

Goodnight Mush

All day, I think about writing. Words and phrases bubble up in my mind that so perfectly sum up the moment, right now and I know I'll want to remember this little something when my kids are bigger. Tonight, I think, when they're in bed, I'll write about this ....more

Well, This Sucks

When Ivy turned one, I couldn't imagine weaning. The idea seemed a little crazy, actually. Despite feeling like I was saying good-bye to my (tiny, brand-new) baby when that first birthday rolled around, I couldn't imagine not nursing ....more