What You Need For the Perfect Day Trip

I’m a long-term traveler and admittedly sometimes forget that not everyone is like me. You have busy lives and maybe can only escape for a week or even a day. Since I’m so out of touch with reality, Christina Moore will share some tips on how to enjoy a fulfilling short-term holiday! ...more

Panama Canal: An Engineering Miracle

By all accounts, the Panama Canal should have never been built. In the early 19th century, it made sense to build a canal through Nicaragua and that almost happened, until the French decided to do it in Panama. Fresh off the Suez Canal accomplishment, the French mobilized quickly ....more

Panama City: A Total Surprise

Panama City. It’s modern. Sprawling ....more

Summer is Here! Time for Mexico!

It’s true that I’ve had a weird 2015 so far. But summer is coming and since leaving Nicaragua I’ve been trying my damnedest to look on the bright side. So, this summer I’m going OFF THE GRID ....more

Flying View Photo Contest With Air France/KLM

It’s rare that I do photo contests, but I couldn’t resist partnering with Air France/KLM on their latest! We’re all aware of SkyTeam, the airline alliance that includes airlines of note like AeroMexico, Delta, and Aeroflot. Flying Blue is a SkyTeam fidelity program and their annual photo contest is about to begin ....more

5 Corners of Armenia Worth Seeing

Armenia. Just writing that word evokes something mysterious for me. How about you? ...more

The Weirdest Festival in Nicaragua: Blessing the Dogs

The last two months have been wickedly serious around here — remember my body issues and depression? Before you conclude that...more

Quick and Dirty Guide to Washington’s Best

Photo by Esther Levy via Trover Remember when I did a photo essay about Washington, DC’s chilly winter? I received a lot of requests about where to stay and what to do. Summer is on its way, so here’s a quick and dirty guide to what’s best in the capitol ....more

Depression in Central America

People assume a lot about me and jump to conclusions — sometimes they are right. Other times, grossly wrong. I am sometimes scatterbrained, forgetful, mechanically inept = ditzy ....more

The Solo Traveler’s Guide to London

London is a city that wll never stop recieving press. It’s no secret that this city is not my fave, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage. My guest writer, Angela Peck, tells every Bridget Jones wannabe how to squeeze a good time outta of this international destination ....more