Quick and Dirty Guide to Washington’s Best

Photo by Esther Levy via Trover Remember when I did a photo essay about Washington, DC’s chilly winter? I received a lot of requests about where to stay and what to do. Summer is on its way, so here’s a quick and dirty guide to what’s best in the capitol ....more

Depression in Central America

People assume a lot about me and jump to conclusions — sometimes they are right. Other times, grossly wrong. I am sometimes scatterbrained, forgetful, mechanically inept = ditzy ....more

The Solo Traveler’s Guide to London

London is a city that wll never stop recieving press. It’s no secret that this city is not my fave, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage. My guest writer, Angela Peck, tells every Bridget Jones wannabe how to squeeze a good time outta of this international destination ....more

Visiting Iceland’s Golden Circle Solo

How often do you stop and think about the world around you? It’s one of the many benefits of traveling alone, having time to yourself to contemplate just how incredible the earth really is....more

Marketing Tips for Your Writing Event

You’ve come up with a fantastic idea — one that will launch your brand to the next level. You think, “Hey, I know tons about writing, I should share that knowledge with my minions!”...more

Coming Out of the Closet: I’m Size XX

“You are stronger than your muscles.” — Gloria Latham “Are you pregnant???” I swiftly looked down at my belly,...more

International Women’s Day: Female Trailblazers

I couldn’t let International Women’s Day pass without, well, talking about women. Particularly, I want to focus on five women who I’ve stalked, admired, salivated over, or just feel are plain awesome. My upbringing was bizarre...more

My Favorite Sunsets in Panama

Why do we...more

Creative Revolution: What Can One Week of Writing Do?

It was magical. This phrase has been used and misused in a crap load of poorly written articles. But my week in Costa Rica really was magical ....more

What Are my Upcoming Plans for This Week?

I’m taking a brief break from Panama and heading to a place that I recently discovered for a special purpose! I’m still pinching myself that all our hard work paid off. It was a risk for both Leigh and I to take — when previously our work involved solo efforts (with my occasional team project) ....more