The Real Truth about Syndication

What if you could convince Google that you are an expert at potty training, or cake baking, or hair styling or making videos or whatever else your blog is all about?What if I told you that you could do in less than 5 minutes per day?You’d want to do it, right?I mean, assuming it weren’t illegal, you’d be crazy not to at least try it, right?!?!?And yet every day I hear another blogger say, “I’m not comfortable syndicating my posts.”Because Google.That is one of the silliest things I’ve heard....more
So helpful, thank you!more

Giving up on my gut

I have a gut. I suffered through the “My kid is nearly two so I can’t blame her anymore” diet and lost the extra lbs. (They seem to have all come out of my boobs, but that is another story.) The weight is gone but my gut remains. It is a reminder that you can’t put on 30lbs twice in two years and not have that leave a mark…or two…or two hundred. Seriously, my stomach could stand in for a raised-relief map of the Rockies. ...more