The Tendency to ignore the rainbow elephant in the room

I came out to my motherat the age of 24 over a phone conversation. She lives in Colombia and I in New York. Everyone advised me against it given that she is extremely religious but I, of course, did not listen. I wanted to be honest and be able to be myself. Bad idea. My mother got deeply depressed and to this date refuses to talk about it. She feels defeated and failed, as if my gaynness came from something she did wrong while raising me. And I can name a thousand things she did wrong but I doubt any of them led to gayness. I was born this way. ...more

Happy Holidays away from home

Exatcly 25 hours after the holiday season is over and as I struggle to write my resolutions , I reflect on the amount of time I spent on skype and facebook this past week. My immediate family (parents and sibblings) live in Colombia and I spend most of the holidays with an uncle and his children. My uncle's mother (my grandma) and his sibblings are also in Colombia. Usualy for christmas and new years we are all trying to call our respective families; with all the advances in social media we use facebook and skype a lot. ...more

"Don't Tell Anyone" documentary: What it means to NOT be afraid

At first sight, Angy Rivera seems like your average American college student juggling classes, internships, extra curricular activities and a social life. Going about her day in New York City one might never suspect the impact this young activist is causing in her community....more

A Life Full of Anti-Role Models

In moments of discouragment and depression when I am about to give up on my dreams and hopes, I tend to look around me for a source of inspiration. I am lucky enough to find that in other women around me, although not in the form I want it. I would love to know a woman (I know she is out there) who is independent and succesful in the medical field against all odds, like I want to be one day. Someone Antonia Novello style, respected in her field in REAL life. ...more
i think it's so unfortunate that we have to think we can only look at celebrities for role ...more

To take or not to take Zoloft, that is the question

I was diagnosed with depression not too long ago. I knew I was depressed since I can remember but I always thought it wasn't serious since it was not everyday. However, the last year was very tough. ...more
This is a tricky one because I too hate how we are sometimes over prescribed in this country. ...more

Lessons our parents don't teach us

When I was about twelve years old I went on a sleep over to my best friend's house and learned a shocking fact about my parents. My friend, her name was Luz, was an only child. We became close when her parents separated and I served as her crying shoulder. I used to try to make her feel better by explaining how a divorce may be healthier. But I was simply projecting upon the problems of my own parents. See, their relationship was so unhealthy I learned to hate being home....more

Becoming More Visible As A Lesbian

Last month, I attended a LGBTA event at my college called "Out on the quad."It was mostly games and integration, but in the middle of the noise I managed to eavesdrop on a teacher being interviewed about the event. I missed the question but I listened closely to his answer: "It’s not the colors, it’s not the bubbles, it is the visibility. We are telling Brooklyn College that we are here."   Those words spoke to me. ...more

The Green Card Deception

I lived in the United States illegally for eight years. Apparently the politically correct term is undocumented. I didn't care what it was called: That was me, always feeling like the bottom of the food chain. No opportunities, no hopes. I worked hard every day to pay for my bills and to attend college, while there was no prospect of a green card yet. ...more
In spending more time pondering this post, I believe part of the problem is most Americans don't ...more

I Don't Need To Explain Why I'm Dating A Woman

A few years ago, I accidentally bumped into a copy of a Parenting magazine in a dentist office. I don't have children so this is not my literature, but still I opened it. To my surprise, I found this amazing article about a lesbian couple raising a family. The article talks about how they have to constantly explain the fact that they are a gay family, which the author refers to as "Explaining of the Situation", (EOTS). ...more
Keep passionate in everything you believe in girl...your sexuality is a beautiful gift from ...more

Welcoming Self to Blogher

I am intrigued by the constant human need to belong. Being an first generation immigrant whose family is still back in the homeland, "belonging" anywhere can be a bit difficult. When I am "home" in New York City, I am a foreigner. When I'm "back-home" in Barranquilla (Colombia) I am a visitor. ...more
Welcome to this blog where women write about everything.  You know you would want to be careful ...more