Five Frugal Things

I worked all weekend even though I would have much preferred to stay at home and hang out with my son, who was home from college. I can’t miss out on 24 hours of pay just to indulge my mommy urges. He’ll be back in a few weeks, and I’ll get to sniff his head spend time with him then ....more

Five Frugal Things

I finally sold a clawfoot tub/shower conversion kit that I’ve been trying to offload...more

Ask Yourself These Ten Questions Before You Go Holiday Shopping

Before you go shopping this consumer-crazed holiday season, ask yourself these ten...more

Five Frugal Things

My friend Lise dropped off a half-bag of litter that her cat didn’t like. I’ll mix it into what I’m currently using. I stopped off at my father’s house to help myself to some firewood ....more

Who Do You Want to Be?

I was walking through the grocery store this afternoon when the woman in front of me spilled a few coins from her pocket. She stopped, looked down at the ground and then continued with her shopping. She chose to walk away from her money ....more

Five Frugal Things

I arranged an end of year party at a nearby...more

Today I am . . .

Today I am ...more

What am I, a Rockefeller?

Yes, I cut my kitchen sponges in half. What am I, a Rockefeller?! Katy Wolk-Stanley “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” Click...more

Five Frugal Things

My hospital unit was over staffed today,...more

In Defense of Non-Productivity

The following is a reprint of a previously published post. Enjoy! I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I could conceivably clean, cook, organize and generally work on my house...more