Divided Basket

I love a super sweet divided basket! And these pretty little prints by Elizabeth Olwen just make it even sweeter. I can imagine this being the perfect accessory in a newborn’s nursery ....more

Rain Walk!

I’m so happy to introduce Rain Walk, my first fabric collection with Cloud9 Fabrics! I’m eagerly anticipating...more

pull out box

Made a little treat for my desk today, a pull out box and tray! Aneela is such a talented lady and her patterns are just awesome. I figured since I’ll be traveling next week for my Nido workshop, that the small pull out box would be perfect for stashing goodies ....more

Make It, Take It: Scissors Keeper

I’m very excited to show you my new...more

Habitat Divided Basket

Happy Friday to you! I am so thankful that it’s the first day of Spring!...more

anatomy of a zipper

You love sewing with and using zippers, right? Well, if you’re new here, let it be known...more

Caravans and Campfires

(Campfire Messenger Bag sewn by Deedee) That sounds pretty cool, right? A caravan and a campfire sound pretty...more

March – Bag of the Month Club

Well, it’s March! That means it’s my turn for the Bag of the Month Club and to introduce you to my newest pattern: the Campfire Messenger Bag. If you’re not sure what the Bag of the Month Club is,...more

leather pouch

Well, I decided to finally cut into some leather I had gotten long ago. I cranked out this leather zippered pouch (from the Caravan Tote & Pouch pattern) and another little guy to go along, skipping the front pockets (which I love, but I needed a quick project). Sometimes I feel like after sewing so many prototypes and mucked up projects I need to sew something I know I can make ....more

Caravan Tote & Pouch Pattern!

This one feels like it’s been such a long time in coming. I am so thrilled that’s it’s finally here:...more