I'm bad at grieving.

Thank you for the kind words about the passing of Foxie Doxie. They truly mean more than I can ever say.This is hard.I'm cycling through all the stages of I'm-not-good-at-this grief: Eat your feelings. Pad thai for breakfast and pizza for lunch? ...more

Farewell, sweet friend.

When I first adopted Foxie Doxie, he had a big ol' bald spot on his side.He'd gotten burned by some fresh asphalt, and the vet said my hyper doxie would probably never grow hair there.Well, clearly, the vet was full of shit, because Foxie totally grew lush side-body hair. He was the dachshund equivalent of Farrah Fawcett. He did things his own way, thank you ....more

Better Homes & Gardens, c'mon over!

We've got a mouse.I used my mad detective skillz to figure out we have a mouse because someone chewed through the bag of Fritos, right before I made chili. So, you know, there were no Fritos for chili. Our lives are so terrible!And after it became obvious that there had been a mouse in the bread drawer, I checked out all the other kitchen cabinets ....more

That weird combination of happy and horrible.

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer.If you just whispered, "Oh, shiiit," you're not the only one with that reaction.But, that was a few weeks ago. The whole thing turned out to be the best possible scenario - they caught it early, and she won't need chemo or even radiation. Once she's healed up from the lumpectomy, we can kind of pretend this whole thing never happened.Except that it did.It turns out that I'm the official family Cancer Sherpa ....more

It's hard to write when you're up to your eyeballs in it.

After I finally left Corporate America for good, I kind of mourned all that blog fodder. What in the world would I write about if not Creepy Rajeev, the world's best sexual harasser? Or how Corporate Behemoth required me to use a tool that they wouldn't allow me to install on my computer?It was a time of intense soul-searching.However, never fear! ...more

Let's talk about ladybits, shall we?

So, the Supreme Court decided that it's OK for a "closely held corporation" to decide not to cover birth control in their employer-provided insurance.On 1 hand, the...more

May your birthday be excrement-filled.

I just called to wish my most awesome dad a most awesome birthday. Because we just can't seem to help ourselves,...more

Oh, I'm on my way, I know I am.

Ten years ago this summer, I spent a lot of time alone in a sticky home office. The window A/C unit that had been passed around the family since I was in college whirred away, and I made beaded jewelry.I had this idea that in addition to being a freelance...more

Like a butterfly.

I have big, fabulous, very happy news.Remember the bagger at my local grocery? This was a young man who found bagging very challenging, and who wouldn't make eye contact. Like an abused animal, he seemed to be willing the floor to open up and swallow him whole.Well, a few weeks ago, I saw someone in the parking lot, wrangling carts ....more