Mice. Why did it have to be mice?

The first thing I did was pour some wine and turn up the Earth, Wind & Fire.Of course, I'm talking about finding mouse poo in my silverware drawer again. Again again. For the fourth time in 2 months.My Guy has set traps ....more

This is 40. Or, how I almost killed myself doing a lazy triathlon.

So, we're at the beach. This is the beach, yo. It's lovely ....more

An open letter to the kids who went to prom in Des Moines on Saturday.

Dear friends,I had no idea that getting your prom photos taken outside of the Iowa statehouse was a thing.But it totally makes sense. With its gold dome, the capitol is pretty stunning. I tend to feel sorry for all other state capitols, as they are clearly deficient ....more

Toast to an old friend.

I had to say good-bye to a dear friend. We'd been through a lot together. This is hard.See, when I got my first apartment, my grandma gave me an extra toaster ....more

The cold, hard, dead truth about being a grown-up.

I saw the mouse poo in the silverware drawer and only had a moment to process that hey, there's shit on my utensils for the second time in 5 days before I heard the dogfight.I abandoned the poo and looked out the window. On the patio, 90-pound Big Doodle and 7-pound Lil' Frankfurter were playing tug-of-war with some sort of toy. And they were really into it, their play fighting on the verge of real fighting ....more

An open letter to my husband on our 4th anniversary.

My sweet -Last weekend is a perfect example of our marriage.Friday night, I was tired and cranky. I was totally your dream wife. Then, I realized that there were mouse turds in the silverware drawer.If I were a 3-year-old, I would have had a full-blown temper tantrum ....more

I'm letting someone help me and now I'm not quite so psycho. Coincidence?

Like a lot of people, I have trouble accepting help. As kind of a bossypants control freak, it's sometimes nice that my kitchen is the size of...more

Why I love the Greek system.

I was in a sorority. It shaped my college experience and I'm so thankful. Also? ...more

This is what adulthood looks like.

Have you ever had to decide between convenience and possibly killing your loved ones?I'm a pretty OK cook. And I make a mean chili - I lovingly craft the vegan chili of my dreams, and cook up ground turkey on the side for my carnivorous husband.All of this magic happens in a kitchen about the size of a Kleenex, and with kitchen utensils that are, in large part, hand-me-downs. Friends, Pyrex lasts forever ....more

Pretend they're happy tears.

I'm a terrible, horrible person. You probably are, too. But we're talking about me ....more