Why I live in the basement.

When My Guy and I bought our house, we took one look at the kitchen and promptly announced that we couldn't possssssibly live with it.That was five and a half years ago. We've totally been living with it.We weren't being pretty, pretty...more

Two things that changed my life.

1. I got a massage. This is my one great splurge - I get a rubdown every four weeks ....more

The seven stages of a husband sharing a cold with his wife.

As told from the not-at-all biased perspective of the poor, put-upon-yet-saintly wife.Stage 1: Oh, look, a mancold.I admit it. I had pretty much zero sympathy...more

How YOU doin'?

My Guy and I have noticed an alarming trend as of late. And that trend is the dearth of people who genuinely inquire about our wellbeing.It sounds pretty "Woe is me!" But hear me out.It turns out I married an introvert-who-pretends-to-be an-extrovert. Like me ....more

Zombie-ing for beginners.

It's been a summer of varmints and bugs and gross stuff. First, the ever-popular mice. Then, I got stung by a wasp ....more

Stings suck, or why I will no longer be bullied by the wasp lobby.

I've been spending a lot of time outside. Not because I like outside, but because...more

Watching movies like an adult.

I was in junior high when "Dirty Dancing" was big. And lemme tell ya, that movie was a revelation.BFF and I loved that some of the oldies our parents listened to - and by extension, we listened to - were suddenly cool. And another close friend had a pirated VHS copy of the movie and watched it every single day after school ....more

Yoga for the family.

This morning, I found a couple of yoga videos on Amazon Prime and decided to play along. The first video, full of sun salutations and warrior poses, did not get even a raised eyebrow from the dogs. But the second video, the guided savasana that was a glorious 18 minutes of guided meditation and total relaxation?Well, the second I laid on my mat, those dogs acted like they'd never seen me - or another human, really - ever before ....more

In which I attempt to donate some shoes.

If you're like me, every once in a while, your closet needs a little kick in the booty. And by "kick in the booty," I mean "exhaustive cleaning because you never get rid of anything and probably don't need that sweater you bought secondhand in 1991."I recently cleaned out my shoes. Now, keep in mind that I have worn the same size shoe since fifth grade ....more

Two things that changed my life this week.

Doesn't that title make me sound like Oprah? Or at least someone who writes clickbait? Maybe if I titled it, "Two things Oprah doesn't want you to know!"Well, at any rate, these things twisted my reality in the last few days.1. Traffic cones....more