Labradoodles are horrible at keeping secrets.

So, it seems that the number one way to deal with a stress fracture is to pout. I've been doing a lot of pouting, and a lot of couch-sitting. And a lot of being super-mature, obviously.A few days ago, I had just had it ....more

In which I consider eating glass. As you do.

So, about a hot minute after I was all, "I have a stress fracture and haven't gone to the grocery and now we're going to starve and die unless I go to the grocery and use the motorized cart to give oblivious and rude shoppers tickets?" Yeah. Well, I determined that I had just enough stuff in the house to cook up some tortilla soup.I was totally Becky Home-Ec-y. I was stretching my grocery dollar ....more

I've taken empathy too far.

The good news? Big Doodle is doing well. He's limping, but it's our new normal, and he's getting around like a boss ....more


I'm trying to have it. Grace, I mean. I'm trying to appreciate the every day joys and not worry about the couldas or shouldas.So it is loving an old dog.He's had bladder cancer since at least last summer ....more

2015: A Retrospective

It's that magical time of year when I binge on "Best Books of the Year" lists and "Hey, Remember These Folks Who Died" retrospectives. There's just nothing like the week between Christmas and New Year's for media that was lovingly created months ago for this, The Week of No Working.In that spirit, I should have written this post eons ago, or at least kept notes throughout the year. But no ....more

Why I highly recommend giving slightly outlandish gifts.

Eleven years ago this month, I moved out of the house I'd shared with my boyfriend of 7 years. We broke up, and I was completely broken.I moved into The Apartment of Despair and everything was just ... wrong ....more

Book recommendations for your last-minute holiday shopping needs.

If you're like me, you kind of hate leaving your house. And you probably aren't quite done with your Christmas shopping. And time is running out ....more

Inner peace through hair removal.

My dog has a 1-foot square bald spot on his rear.It's the latest in 6 months of veterinary adventures. Big Doodle has had ozone pumped into his bladder. He's on a ton of vitamins ....more

I hate mice and I love my family.

I visited my parents this weekend. They gave me life. And then they gave me mousetraps.Let me back up.So, remember when I interrupted a HUGE mouse in my silverware drawer, and it climbed out of the drawer and up my leg and I screamed a million screams and then had to burn down my house?Good times.Well, My Guy set a trap and killed that Jabba the Hutt of mice ....more

I'm not dead. Also, here's a book review.

Kind friend Karen commented on my last post, "I'm worried that you haven't posted in several weeks. I'm hoping that you are busy with good things and not in ICU."Thank you for your concern. Gurrrl, lemme tell you.While it seemed highly likely that I had contracted some sort of mouse syphilis to go along with my Chilean lung leprosy and antibiotic reaction, that did not turn out to be the case ....more