A Quick History of Branding


Tell-Tale Signs of DIY Design

Clip Art is Cookie-Cutter

When you use clip art in your logo or for your main branding graphics, you might as well be telling the world that your company is bland, boring, and that it doesn’t stand for anything. But your company has spice, and a unique personality all its own! So doesn’t your business deserve a great brand that shows off everything that makes your company so great?...more

Images have IMPACT


Color Psychology, Part 2: The Secret Power of Color

Working Up to Brand ColorWhen I work with a new client to brand or re-brand their company, I always discuss color FIRST. Why? Because the first logo draft I provide my clients is always black and white. So, in reality, I end up explaining the power of color long before color choices are made.I do this for two really good reasons:...more

Color Psychology, Part 1: Big Brand Color Strategies

Color is powerful. Color is dangerous. Used correctly, color digs deep inside of us, urging us to act, pouncing on our instincts, and releasing our emotions into the wild. Most of us experience raw reactions to color, even if we’re not conscious of color as that catalyst. Many of these reactions are illogical, stemming from passionate or painful memories long past. In other words, our life experiences change our opinions on color....more

The Business Owner’s Quick Guide to Consistent Brand Color

There’s a lot more to understanding color than meets the eye.You’ve heard it before. Branding experts are always saying the same thing: you must have your exact brand color on EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE. Yet, when you try to get your design team on the same page, you end up frustrated. The brand colors on your printed materials never seem to match your brand colors online!...more
 @Ashleigh Burroughs Ashleigh, you are right...there is so much to learn about color.  But now ...more

To Cap or Not to Cap?

Cap?  We're not talking about whether or not you put the cap on your toothpaste (which I always do).  Instead, we’re continuing our typography series here at The Branding Spot....more

What’s Your Brand Saying Visually?

Do you know the three main elements that make up your company’s brand?  They are Typography, Color and Graphics.  In today's post we will be talking about Typography.What is Typography?...more

Business Card Psychology 101