Stuck in a Black Bird's Groove: obsessive love (Video)

We like to call our romantic fixations "crushes, torches, or love-sickness," and this video poem is probably more along the romantic vein rather than stalker, but I know some psychologists who would call any inability to stop thinking about someone and still longing for the person's company to be an obsession. Some even say infatuation is a form of mental illness. The speaker of this ...more

This father-son rap time will melt you're heart (2-year-old Khaliyl Iloyi)

Khaliyl Iloyi - 2 year old rapping with his daddy on MUZU.TV. FEROmedia presents Khaliyl Iloyi rapping at 2 years old with father Femi aka Smooflow of Hip Hop group Royal Priesthood. Yes, the kid, only two years old, is so cute ....more

13 Years of Lessons Since 9/11

In 2001, I lived in New Jersey. I was married with two children who were not yet on their own, one in middle school and one at Rutgers University. My only sibling, a brother seven years younger than I, lived not too far from me in Staten Island. He worked in New York as a loss prevention manager at Macy's. Every work morning, he took the subway that traveled under the Twin Towers. Our parents remained in New Orleans, where we grew up. ...more
Beautiful article! I always try to live in the present, learn from my mistakes and hope that I ...more

Mike Brown's Killing: Two new witnesses, contractors, speak

As I said in my previous post on Darren Wilson supporters, two new witnesses, contractors who were working at the apartment complex in Ferguson on August 9 when Mike Brown Jr. was killed, have come forward. They saw Wilson shoot to death the unarmed 18-year-old ....more

9/11 Flashback, a 2014 Repost

The following article was originally posted at in 2004. I wrote about 9/11 in 2011 on the 10-year anniversary...more

Since Darren Wilson was shooting at Michael Brown while the teen was running away from him, then . . .

Why I have allowed Darren Wilson supporters to engage me on Twitter, I don't know. Who has the time to talk to people who keep talking about "waiting for the facts" when it's already clear that they've bought Officer Wilson's story in the absence of facts? Last week I found myself attempting to reason with one man, but no matter how many ways I explained to him that the police do not dispute ...more

Break Up Notes: The Recovery Edition

No, I have not recently broken up with anyone. This is one of my old poems that I had removed from the Web, but I discovered a few weeks ago that someone posted it in a discussion forum about beauty in art apparently before I deleted it. Written in 2005, it's one of many poems that I wrote while trying to emotionally process my divorce as well as navigate the dating world (something I ...more

Midterms are coming: Should you vote in this election?

Summer is over. Midterms are coming. Of course you should vote ....more

An Angel for New Orleans (Video)

In 2005, Rahkyt aka Mark Rockeymore, produced the music and audio for this poem, "An Angel for New Orleans" by Aberjhani, after Aberjhani recorded the recitation. Nordette Adams created the video this weekend in recognition of the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Recent clips have been added at the end to acknowledge the city's progress since that tragic day, August 29, 2005. ...more

Facebook's save feature: You can avoid the "like"

Last night, discovered the "save" feature on Facebook. It lets you save links your friends share. When I wrote the status above, quite a few of my friends said they had no idea Facebook had such a feature ....more