Born to the Beat: NOLA poets prepare for The National Beat Poetry Festival

In conjunction with the National Beat Poetry Festival, a New Orleans poetry event, Born to the Beat...more

When Christians praise themselves for not rioting . . .

Dear fellow believers in Charleston, South Carolina, who are also black like me: I thank God that you have praised Him through this trial. The loss of nine sisters and brothers is a tremendous burden for a church and family to bear. The recognition that racial hatred still breeds in your state and this nation is frightening, but as witnessed on national television, you have a strong faith ....more

Everybody Loves Rachel Dolezal (Video)

I thought I would not comment much on the Rachel Dolezal story, but I've found myself dropping comments everywhere such as: And @JustDwana @MHarrisPerry @allysonvhobbs — Nordette Adams (@nordettewrites) June 13, 2015 I ended up writing that because I was surprised that Melissa Harris-Perry risked playing into the hands of white conservatives by accepting the ...more

Leaders Make False Claims About National Slave Ship Museum

Supporters of the National Slave Ship Museum, including New Orleans City Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell, participate in making false claims to reporter Jarvis DeBerry about plans for the National Slave Ship Museum. Board member Debra Morton unequivocally denies that the museum plans have a full-scale replica of a slave ship that will sail the Mississippi River, selling rides to tourists. She, ...more

A fully-functioning, interactive slave ship replica sailing down the Mississippi to entertain you, how about that?

Today I find myself in a bit of an emotional quandary. The National Slave Ship Museum, a project that I thought had died quietly already, appears to be alive and well. According to a local station, the New Orleans City Council approved last night a proposal to build this museum ....more

Let's take race out of the Freddie Gray case for a moment and see what we have

While I agree there is a racial bias element in the Freddie Gray case that needs to be addressed, let's just remove that important factor for a moment. Let's remove it and see if we can all agree that the Baltimore police officers who arrested Gray did not do their jobs well and that failure resulted in a young man's death. In one critical point, the Baltimore officers did clearly not follow ...more

Baltimore riot: Black people are America's canary in the coal mine

As I said on Rita Arens's post at, I'm ready to say more about police brutality and the Baltimore riot, but it's probably the more of what's already been said. When will it all stop?...more

This year's Voice on NBC will drive you to drink

Every year or each season, I post on NBC's The Voice because I think it is the best vocal competition on television (Sorry, American Idol). ...more

Toni Morrison's Amusing Interview with Stephen Colbert

The Colbert ReportColbert Report Episode Guide, ...more