Yaoband (Chinese)--More music from Apple's Verse series (Video)

Chinese No.1 EDM Team Yaoband's New MV - We Just Love It (耀乐团) And here's the Apple commercial that features them. Blogging Apple Verse is now officially a pattern with me ....more

What did Martin Luther King Jr. mean, "A riot is the language of the unheard"?

Last year about this time, a whole year before the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, after the killing of 18-year-old Mike Brown, CBS's 60 Minutes posted an overtime segment featuring Martin Luther King, Jr. The segment was part of last year's commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights March on Washington. Its headline is the King quote you may have heard repeated since the ...more

Tweeted Poem: On Florissant

On Florissant Some on #Ferguson streets seek stars on mayhem's stage. Others explode too-long tamped-down rage birthed in the system's dead-end maze. — Nordette Adams (@nordette_verite) August 18, 2014 ...more

Proverb for Ferguson and Free Speech

Both tyranny AND chaos silence free speech. Consistent nonviolent dissent sparks change, NOT misfocused rage. #Ferguson That is all I have to say today on Ferguson ....more

New Apple ad features Jason Hall's Slow Roll with Mos Def sampling Marvin Gaye: Now Black folks get a verse, too

True Confession: As much as I love Walt Whitman, as much as I love Robin Williams and the movie The Dead Poet's Society, as much as I love Apple's "Verse Anthem" commercial using Walt Whitman's poem "O Me! O Life!," and poetry itself, I confess that I have been brooding, disappointed with the razzle-dazzle-'em computer giant. Its first "Verse Anthem" commercial, while beautifully poetic, has no ...more

Adage the news: Today's thought on dissent in Ferguson

Click the image to enlarge it. It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority. - Ben Franklin Not for the Sake of Dissent Humans in positions of power generally do what they should do ....more

American due process and justice for Mike Brown: That video of alleged robbery

This morning, the Ferguson, Missouri, police department released the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown to death. The officer has been identified as...more

National Moment of Silence 14, New Orleans, #NMOS14, in solidarity with Ferguson protesters (Video)

#NMOS14 National Moment of Silence New Orleans, Louisiana August 14, 2014 A nonviolent vigil held in solidarity with the Ferguson, Missouri, protests to honor the memory of Michael Brown and all other victims of police brutality and vigilantism. Organized via Twitter and other social media by @FeministaJones, #NMOS14 prompted vigils nationwide. Approximately 200-plus people participated ...more

Review: Pelican Bay Restaurant, New Orleans

The Pelican Bay Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana, is owned and operated by husband and wife Maurice and Tanzanika Ruffin. They are both native New Orleanians and attorneys with a little extra something on their plates. He is a fiction writer ....more

The evolution of Rebirth Brass Band: Rebirth Groove

Boy, I wish I had the fortitude to go see Rebirth Brass Band at the Maple Leaf tonight. I was just there Sunday for a poetry reading, but bands draw much larger crowds than poets, and I really have to be in a certain mental state for a mass of folk. Basin Street Records recently posted a new music video from the band, "Rebirth Groove." It struck me that the band is using a greater ...more