Steven Hart: Star Wars does not draw on literary classics but on classic pulp SciFi

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on New Years Day with my daughter, her boyfriend, and their friends. Yes, I enjoyed it. Director J. J ....more

A Personal Goodbye to All That for 2015 and Hello 2016

We humans love to make resolutions for the New Year. I don't really do that, but I think New Year's Eve is a good time reflect on 10 things I did in the year that's ending that I would prefer not to do again and to have in mind ways to become better at living life. Naturally, some of the issues end up on the list year after year, but since this is my first time sharing my list publicly, who ...more


If I've said anything about my ex -- good or bad -- even as an example to help somebody, so goodbye to all that. I make too many wisecracks about my failing memory, which probably makes it more likely that my memory will fail, so goodbye to all that. I put down my own work ....more

An Absence of The Donald

Notice that this blog has not given any real...more

Black Writers in a Post-Racial Age?

By now, anyone who's been paying attention knows that post-racial is just another myth among America's press clippings. I doubt that the publishing world has ever believed itself to be post-racial though. Consider the watermelon joke at the National Book Awards ceremony just last year when Jacqueline Woodson received her award for Black Girl Dreaming ....more

Black Woman at the Intersection: Sean Penn vs. Lee Daniels

This is not going to be some super thoughtful post such as one Tammy Winfrey Harris would write. This post is just me saying, "What the hell!" Sean Penn has filed a $1,000,000 defamation lawsuit against Lee Daniels, the man behind Fox's saucy, ground-breaking, hit show Empire. And as a black person who is also a woman, here I am squished at the intersection of being female and black ....more

Quaint Magazine Interview with Nordette N. Adams

And so this happened: I was interviewed by...more

Alexie and Another Dolezal

Posts about Alexi's editorial were the first thing I saw when I entered the Facebook vortex today, and the topic was so full of smoke and mirror identity issues that my head exploded. Here are its contents: The summer was strange and wonderful, but since my return to the real world my mind's been full of American splinters, namely race matters, even race matters in the poetry community. Call ...more

I love this picture of Michelle Obama

Right now I'm doing something that people on the Internet used to do a lot more of, reciprocal linking, which means Bob links to Susan's post for good reasons, and when Susan finds out that Bob's linked linked to ...more