It's Michael Jackson's 56th Birthday: Do you remember his Pepsi Commercial and seen Janelle Monae's (videos)

Today is the incomparable Michael Jackson's birthday. He would have been 56 years old. I must have known this subconsciously because I started writing this post about his 1984 Pepsi Generation commercial before I recalled that today is his birthday ....more

Quickly, Quicky: My reads from Edgar Allan Poe facts to airplane fights

As numerous headlines zip across my screen daily, I end up hitting the "favorite" or "like" buttons often, not because I've read whatever it is, but because I want to read it. Here are a couple of articles I skimmed today that I hope to return to and some that I've read. And speaking of what I want to read, I am seriously thinking about blogging my bookshelf because I've collected a number of ...more

Toni Morrison's 1975 lecture on race, politics, and art freed me to say, "Do your own work!" (Audio)

Last week on Facebook I saw a Toni Morrison quote about how racism functions to waste Black people's time and thwart productivity. When I first saw the quote, I was working on a post about Missouri voter suppression and didn't and didn't have time to stop and find the quote's source, but the truth of her words stuck with me. A few days later, I searched Facebook until I found the graphic with ...more

Ferguson and Voter Suppression

I suspect St. Louis County, Missouri, has a voter suppression problem....more
nordette_verite owillis You must be reading some other tweet and responding to mine. Or you ...more

Recent history indicates St. Louis area, Ferguson, has a voter suppression issue

Perhaps questions about voting rights and Ferguson, Missouri, are better left unaddressed until a period of restoration, reclamation, and healing rolls over town and country. After all, Mike Brown hasn't even been buried yet. Perhaps while we ponder whether anyone on the Ferguson police force will be held accountable for Brown's death and for numerous civil rights violations, it's too soon to ...more

Both tyranny and chaos silence free speech

Both tyranny & chaos silence free speech. Sustained nonviolent dissent pushes change, not misfocused rage. #Ferguson — Nordette Adams (@nordette_verite) August 20, 2014 ...more

Yaoband (Chinese)--More music from Apple's Verse series (Video)

Chinese No.1 EDM Team Yaoband's New MV - We Just Love It (耀乐团) And here's the Apple commercial that features them. Blogging Apple Verse is now officially a pattern with me ....more

What did Martin Luther King Jr. mean, "A riot is the language of the unheard"?

Last year about this time, a whole year before the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, after the killing of 18-year-old Mike Brown, CBS's 60 Minutes posted an overtime segment featuring Martin Luther King, Jr. The segment was part of last year's commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights March on Washington. Its headline is the King quote you may have heard repeated since the ...more

Tweeted Poem: On Florissant

On Florissant Some on #Ferguson streets seek stars on mayhem's stage. Others explode too-long tamped-down rage birthed in the system's dead-end maze. — Nordette Adams (@nordette_verite) August 18, 2014 ...more

Proverb for Ferguson and Free Speech

Both tyranny AND chaos silence free speech. Consistent nonviolent dissent sparks change, NOT misfocused rage. #Ferguson That is all I have to say today on Ferguson ....more