How Working Remotely Changed My Life

For everything there’s a season. Twenty three years ago I would have never imagined that one day I would be doing what I love sitting at home with a warm cup of coffee and enjoying the view from my window. This freedom, key word in my life, is what has made me falling in love with online teaching. Yes, sometimes I still miss that one on one, spontaneous contact with my students but I have found ways to do the same remotely. What is it that makes it so attractive?...more

8 Successful Morning Rituals

  Stretch, pray, and coffee. Coffee, stretch, and pray. Every morning is different. Women are early rising multitaskers; real life champions at what we do.  Starting the day right could make the difference between a smooth or rough day. What makes your morning unique? How should we prepare to face and embrace each day? What rituals have been proven to work? ...more
Kimba90 Coffee is always a great choice :-) I see you are a runner. What about running? Do you ...more

Buddha's Teachings for Women

  Sita is the Hindu goddess personifying loving submission to the masculine, the divine, and life itself. The stolen and then abandoned wife; she stands for love and suffering, the same way Mary does for Christians. I am sure we all know a female relative with the same qualities. Somehow, as women, we have all nurtured or suffered from these “inherited” traits. ...more

10 Power Habits to Live By

I love people. It is amazing what we can learn from each other any given morning while chatting over coffee. Over and over, in between sips, I have witnessed how difficult it is for us to prove our self-worth and the many fantastic gifts we have been vested with. I blame it to old habits, many of which have been passed on through generations....more

Lessons from the Ice Bucket Challenge

Life lessons can be found in the weirdest of activities. This is the case of the ice bucket challenge that has gone viral this summer. For those of you still in the dark, the challenge requires the nominated participants to pour a bucket of ice or oce water on their head within a 24 hours period after the nomination. If not accepted, then the nominee pledges to make a donation of 100.00 to a charity. Pretty cold, I mean, cool, right? ...more

Finding Joy in the Mundane

 “To grow and learn, don’t seclude yourself in a cave, live!”...more

Writing Tips through My Eyes Only

Ever since I was twelve writing became an obsession. I kept a journal and wrote non sense thoughts in the splurge of the moment. In college, I entered writing competitions and to my surprise I was granted the first place for two consecutive years. It took me many years after that to grab my blank pages and start writing again but my journals became a sacred tool....more

5 Tips for Keeping It Sane When Working From Home

The rise of technology has provided us with plenty of opportunities. Working from home has been a big advantage for many people who try to avoid the traffic hazards and tight schedules, those who like to earn their money with some freedom and under their own terms. However, for some others like me, being at home five days a week could also be a challenge no matter how much they enjoy what they are doing. As women, we also juggle with many other responsibilities; family, house chores, community events, and the list goes on and on....more
I love the line 'stay away from the night gown'. That's pretty much my life so that I don't look ...more