DIY: Glittery Wine Bottles

One of my housemates' sisters just got married this weekend in NYC.  Being the sister of the bride, my housemate (Rachel) was very involved in the wedding process... especially when it came to the ultimate girls night out - the bachelorette party.  While planning the event, they decided that decorating bottles of wine for the girls would be a really cute idea.  However, Rachel is probably one of the busiest people I know (she is seriously supergirl), and she already had a lot on her plate planning the party....more

College 101: Organization and Study Tips

It's getting to that point in the semester when everything seems to be slipping out of control.  We just finished midterms, and yet all of a sudden finals are... less than a month away?!  Trust me, I've had my fair share of mental breakdowns to know the pain.  Those midnights before a paper is due when you don't even have a thesis statement?  Or those all-nighters spent cramming for exams that you know no matter how much you study for, you'll never feel prepared enough?  The woes of college life are literally endless....more

Advice to Incoming College Freshmen

As the summer is growing dangerously near its close, a new school year is looming near.That's right, school.  And for everyone from kindergarten to high school, that's probably a pretty dreadful idea. But luckily for some of us, going back to school means going back to our second home.  For me, the University of Michigan is that place.  ...more

Look for Less: Kate Middleton

On July 22, the world celebrated the birth of a little prince. The next day, we waited with bated breath for the wooden doors of St. Mary's to open and for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to emerge with their new baby boy. And when they did, it was a beautiful and historical moment. And you know what else was beautiful? Kate Middleton, of course. She had given birth less than 24 hours before and still looked absolutely flawless. ...more
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