America, Ain’t You Tired?

Of the hate. Of the violence. Of the petty, ignorant attacks on people ....more


I can hardly believe just one week ago we were bracing ourselves for the historic Hurricane Matthew. In my last post I spoke about some preparations we took (and which ones we didn’t take) after the urgent warnings by the news. Thankfully, our area in Jacksonville got through the storm relatively unscathed ....more

Hurricanes, Evacuations and Water Leaks

I’ve received so many kind messages from loved ones asking if we’re okay and what our current situation is. It is so great to know you are loved by so many and I’m truly touched. By now you’ve probably have heard about Hurricane Matthew and the devastation it has caused in the Caribbean, especially in Haiti, and how many millions of people in the Southeast of the country is in its path ....more

Friday Favorites | Fall Décor

It’s fall, y’all. I’m finally allowing myself to shop for fall décor. I’m a purist when it comes to waiting for a season to decorate…except when I’m hosting Thanksgiving and hang up Christmas wreaths outside before guests arrive ....more

#progress and My Journey Towards Fitness

I’m officially in week three of pre-training of BBG, also known as the Bikini Body Guide. And let me tell you, as cheesy as it sounds, it’s been life-changing for me already. If you’ve never heard of Kayla Itsines and BBG, you’re not alone ....more

Thinking About the "T" Word

Thank you to life’sDHA® for educating me on the importance of nutrients – including DHA omega-3 – for all stages of life. All opinions are my own....more

Friday Favorites

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Thinking About the “T” Word

Part of me doesn’t want to type the word out, but it is definitely...more

A Lifestyle

Remember when I said I had no business turning my blog into a fitness blog or a fitness anything? Insert emoji wince face. No, I’m not eating my words ....more


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