Public Works

Today, I feel like getting a job (these feelings come and go).  I may (possibly) just want to work among the public in a place such as Whole Foods or Starbucks.  I would have much better blog topics if I left my house more often and mingled. ...more

Just Keep Swimming

There are five styles of swim suits for a woman my age:...more

Bees Please

On our way up to Angelfire, NM, we stopped for lunch at the home of an old friend and her family outside of Santa Fe.  My sweet friend has created a beautiful life for herself and that makes me happy.  I could go on and on in awe and praise of her, but I'll focus on one element of her cool life.  She's a beekeeper.  She also raises chickens.  In the past, I have approached Not Don about joining the Urban Chicken Movement by adding some laying hens to our backyard.  He shut that idea down hard.  For some reason, he doesn't envision a chicken co...more

It's very quiet but I like knowing it is here and I keep hoping someday the beekeepers will ...more

The Push It Good Cafe

I took a survey about coffee for a marketing firm that is branding and naming a new coffee maker. The questions centered on word associations and emotions having to do with coffee. I was tested on all the old favorites: rich, bold, robust, smooth, black. One of the words to be ranked, on a scale from 1-10, was "sassy." I ranked sassy a one, one being the lowest on the scale. I don't like the word sassy and I don't want sassy coffee. Or do I?I'm a Starbucks fanatic....more