about "getting over it"

C and i were invited to a wedding reception (pretty informal. more like a cocktail-party-type-thing) this past saturday. the groom is an old friend of mine of 20+ years. we’ve only been in touch sporadically over the last 15 years or so until last year, when we happened to sign up for the same spanish-class (without knowing about one another) and ended up having a great time once a week sitting in a classroom together again. just like 15 years ago :)...more

make a wish … an affair of the heart

i have been thinking about volunteering for a long time. it had to be something that didn’t cost a lot of any money, because we all know i’m pretty much broke most of the time. also, i couldn’t imagine doing something with animals. while i LOVE them, i just know i couldn’t handle walking them for a shelter or anything like that ’cause i’d end up wanting to take all of them home. i also thought about reading/studying with kids or maybe grocery shopping/hanging out/entertaining older people....more