Big Bang Manon Macarons & Japanese Matcha Biscotti

Yesterday I got packed from my best friend who lives in Jakarta. She promised me to send second season of Big Bang Theory ( I know pals, this series now run in season 5, and I’m pretty late to follow this series, but better late than passing the gorgeous of Sheldon Cooper :D). First time I saw this series, seriously I don’t get it what they said, everything what Sheldon and Leonard says they connect it with science. But thank to Penny, the only ordinary person on the gang, she’s like a guide for gazers who give the sigh which the sentences that Sheldon and friends says need to be ignore or note  :D. Moreover, those genius nerdy weirdos act with their social life are major “funnierd” (funny and weird haha…) don’t you laugh out loud when u saw the 1st season of episode where Raj and Howard trying to woo Sheldon hot sister  ;D? Well I really do!  ...more

Hokkaido Milky Toast

Some of you might be too lazy making bread because you have to dealing with the inconvenience of kneading, proofing, and shaping the dough in your busy time, so am I. But in my spare time, when I only need myself to relaxing, I would make bread. Bread is like a temple for me, I could find peace when I knead the dough, there’s nothing that I’m thinking of other  than make the dough become elastic, and for a while, I will forget all of problem around my life....more

Dry Baked Brownies

Hello there…I’m back…Yaaiiiyyy!! I have been very busy few weeks ago to prepared commemorating the day of my mom was pass away, major busy actually because I prepare everything by myself.  But this year I’m pretty lucky, some of my out of town families, stay overnight at my house and they helped me to tidy up my furniture back at their places after the praying ceremony was over and in the morning surprisingly before I woke up, they already cleaning up the house and make their morning coffee and tea by their self!  How I’m so relieved that day, because I don’t have to in a hurry to prepare morning snack for the guests, because at 8 a.m. we have to go to mom’s cemetery.  ...more

Father and Daughter Homemade Mixed Fruit Bread

My dad is a good cook he always could process any kind of not delicious raw food into delicious dish.  But baking especially making bread is major different with daily cooking.   ...more

Rose Shaped Buns

Last year there is Korean series that I used to watch every day, storied about two siblings who desired to make the best bread that ever made by their Dad’s teacher. On the series they showed how to make Rose shaped Buns. ...more

Milo Bear Cookies

This is one of my favorite cookies I ever made, not sweet, easy to make having simple ingredients and look at the shape, they were cute and look like my lovely little Panda doll Cicit....more

Steamed Brownies and Trouble Sleeping Story

Jump to food topic, in my town we have bakery which focusing to make and sell brownies. The bakery specialty is a steamed brownies, and it’s very popular in my town. The difference between baked brownies is, the steamed one having much moist texture in every single layer than the baked one.Making steamed brownies is kind of new for me. We have to be focus, careful and spare our time ...more

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Spaghetti Aglio Olio was one of the dish on the fete. Spaghetti I used to know is pasta served with Bolognese,  carbonara, or anything saucy. I’m pretty doubt that the pasta will taste good like spaghetti I used to know, because its looks dry, and well less spice and herb. But it seems I’m to worried because the appearance. In fact Spaghetti Aglio Olio having light, savory, and spicy taste, and its represent my favorite personal taste.  ...more

Julie and Julia's Colorful Bruschetta

Occupy my spare time I use to watched a movie or TV series, the most favorite movie I ever watched was Julie and Julia. There are so many thing that we could learn from this movie, such as life filosophy, finding passion and the most important thing especially for a food blogger is you will get culinary tour during watching this movie....more


Well if somebody out there stopping by on this blog, and ever known a blog named FOOLOSOPHY, well it was mine....more