Am I An Interesting Person?

Have any of you had a similar experience to this? You're with a group of people, some parents, some not, and your conversation is locked onto a disgusting topic - maybe diaper explosions or vomit. Or maybe not necessarily disgusting, but just mundane- which kind of sippy cup works the best or how many times are you up with the baby each night? And suddenly you're a little embarrassed, seeing the glazed-over looks in the non-parents' eyes. Okay, to be honest, I've seen that same look in my husband's eyes... ...more

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged

Everyone was quick to judge Britney Spears a couple of years ago, when she drove a car with her son on her lap, rather than in his car seat. My pre-mom self wondered, how could she be so stupid, so careless, so unconcerned for her child's welfare?! ...more

Realized Fears: Laundry & Dentist Appointments

So yesterday I was getting my son dressed for a Christmas party. The cute hooded snowflake sweater was all ready, and pants...ah, no good options for pants! Red sweatpants (TOO Christmasy with the green sweater), burgundy sweatpants (no), brown cords with a snap that never stays closed. Sorry, buddy, cords it is- I'll try to keep the sweater pulled over the waistband for you. I'm sure your little friends won't notice, and I promise to do laundry tomorrow morning... ...more

Gift Ideas for Mom & Baby

I sort of assumed that being at home full-time would help me get my Christmas shopping done much earlier this year...turns out that my son isn't a big fan of shopping. Add this to the cold snap we've had, and I'm looking at an all-online shopping season. If you have similar plans, or just need some good gift ideas (and discounts on them) for the moms and babies on your list, check these out. They're a couple of things we loved using, and they're both made by moms! ...more