Eggnog Scones during that darn blurry time of year...

While some people are probably still in a turkey coma… others could be standing in some ridiculous line, excited because they just scored an awesome deal on Black Friday.  Personally I think it’s crazy that for almost a month (some would argue OVER a month) the lines between the Autumn season and upcoming Winter holidays have been blurred.  The retail world appears to be more excited for the Jolly Old Man to come than your average little boy or girl!  Personally – meh!  BUT I will say, now that Halloween is over....more

Pumpkin Scones and here's to a year!!

Can you believe it?!... No seriously?!... I mean…  when I figured it out, I was like … SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.......more
My mouth is watering! If only I could reach through the screen and gobble it up!more

Caramel Apple Cheesecake - Gluten Free

I love fall! – Especially the fall that happens BEFORE the rainy season sets in.  Those couple precious weeks when the leaves vibrantly change colours, the lake settles and turquoise blues and emerald green hues glisten.  Crisp. Fresh. Spicey.  What’s not to love?!? Caramel Apples to me screams fall.  The ooey-gooey caramel, the crisp apples, even better when seasoned with a hint of cinnamon and brown sugar. Mmmmmmmmm We were headed over to a friend’s place for dinner…first time....more

Pumpkin Ale Bread and a SPOOKTACULAR Wreath!

Not Just A Chick With the season of all things pumpkin, apple, cinnamon and spice upon us I just had to jump on the bandwagon...and I may as well do it with a bang!  Double Whammy! A wicked Fall recipe, AND a quick-n-easy Fall craft! (I love whammies!) haha  Some of my favorite flavours are the above... pure addicting really.  These days just about anything comes in "pumpkin" during the fall season.  Including craft beers - YUM YUM.  I think last year.....more

Chocolate Strawberry Pavlova - a toast to Summer 2012!

I have been a BAD BLOGGER.  YUP, it's not that I haven't been cooking or baking or creating or even obsessing over what "my next post" will be - I've honestly just let "life" get in the way.  September - practically came...and went.  I'm another year older (eeek, that's enough stress on it's own!), the weather has started to turn... and it seems like when I get a chance to sit down in front of the computer and type, something else always seems to pop up!  WELL......more

No Pectin Added Nectarine-Mango Jam - a taste of summer!

Not Just A Chick No Pectin Added Nectarine-Mango Jam! Well, I can honestly say.....more

Spinach Lasagna Soup with a side of Rally

Not Just A Chick Roadtrips.  You either like em’ or dread em’.  Me…. After many  hours…days…WEEKS spent traveling via car growing up (thanks Mom & Dad), I can honestly say… I like them – (that’s IF I can stay awake long enough to enjoy the every changing scenery)  Now, toss in some good old fast cars, rustic environments, dirt roads and a bit of dust…wooo… I’m in heaven!   This past weekend we decided to do a ROADTRIP down to the Oregon Trail Rally ....more

Chocolate Raspeberry Crepe Cake..a mini milestone

Not Just A Chick NO, it’s not my Birthday…but cake is for almost any occasion right?!  AND, being as though this lil’ blog of mine is celebrating a mini milestone… I thought I’d celebrate and mak...more
It looks delicious!more

Pizza Bread ...a new dimension!!

Not Just A Chick ...It's not a Pizza...It's not a loaf of Bread......more

Uncle Fester's Sourdough Starter Cinnamon Buns... who'd of Thunk it?!

Not Just A Chick - Sourdough Starter Cinnamon Buns It all started as a "normal" morning.. but as I turned on the light in my eyes slowly focused on the object that appeared to be oozing out of its home..and onto my counter...  DOH!  Uncle Fester (aka My sourdough Starter) appeared to be ...umm.. alittle excited......more