Day 15: The Brain Does Not Hear “No”

Although this seemingly stunning revelation should never have left my consciousness after I heard it, I really heard my therapist say it a few years ago and then forgot it. I remembered it again in a class last week about how to provide educational opportunities from misbehavior in children: the brain does not hear negatives....more
Great point, notratched!  I am a firm believer in positive affirmations!  The exciting thing is ...more

Day 14: Ain't Nobody Got ROOM for All This Paper

Do you have a paperless office? Yeah, neither do I. But I have a "there's hardly any paper lying around" office, and it isn't because I have neatly filed every scrap of paper in a filing cabinet. In fact, I got rid of my filing cabinet in my last move because all the paper I need to file and keep fits in one drawer that is the bottom of my printer stand. Hey. OTHER people like to have paper. ...more

Day 13: Fine, I Guess I'm Addicted to Air

I'm getting increasingly tired of healthcare professionals randomly and trendily demonizing certain drugs or groups of drugs. Which they totally do, just the same as they randomly and trendily push others forward. The addiction and "drug-seeking behavior" buzzwords damage people who could be helped, both by labeling not-so-bad drugs as bad and not-so-good drugs as good. We need more common sense and less knee-jerking here....more

Day 12: Nothing Left for Less

As Christmas nears, I consider those who can't even think of "less" in their lives because there's nothing left for less. I try not to think about these people or their stories because they're too depressing, but I'm a nurse and have to take care of them, so there's no way around it....more

My Heart Almost Broke... Me

Until October 22, 2013, my focus had narrowed to include less and less and less until it was solely on my heart. Anxiety and panic have plagued me my whole life. I remember hating to go to bed as a child because I knew my nightly fate was to lie there, hearing and feeling my heart pounding. ...more
Hi, I loved this!!... I am turning 30 I had coarctation of aorta repair when I was born and the ...more

Day 11: The Less-Traveled Path

When other people were getting out of college and getting jobs, I eventually got a clock-in job and hated it, so I just quit and started a business editing medical journals. I did this with no particular plan except that I planned not to return to work, yet somehow it was a really successful business. I sat on my rear with my feet up and edited medical journals, and I made pretty good money (I still do that on the side because I like it, except this week because I'm too busy, which is why I'm writing crap posts, but I'm writing the things)....more

Day 10: Putting Myself Less

I’m tired and in a hurry so I used the NaBloPoMo prompt: “C.S. Lewis said, ‘Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less.’ How good are you of placing others before yourself?”I’m pretty good at it, particularly when I’m thinking about how others are thinking about me. Just kidding. Maybe. I used to always have in mind what a close friend says: “you wouldn’t worry so much what others thought about you if you knew how seldom they do.” This is extremely comforting....more

Day 9: Less Whining. More Perspective.

Some days I have to admit that I have a definite toddler side. It isn’t attractive, and I would prefer to keep it to myself, but as I so often say, if it goes without saying I will almost certainly say it someday....more
I enjoy your style and the content made me laugh.  So there are others out there that feel ...more

Day 8: More Clothes, Please

My mother I don't get along. I know that most women go through a stage where they say that, but I am way past that stage and am serious about it. We don't talk at all. I've spent a huge amount of time and money on therapy just to realize that I am not her....more

Day 7: Bring Back the Bush

Someone wrote a post recently on shaving her vagina, and the post has had me wondering why women feel that they need to have less and less hair everywhere except their heads. I can’t find the exact post because if you Google “shave your vagina,” about a trillion results come up. This troubles me for many reasons, starting with the anatomical infeasibility of shaving a vagina....more
roseredstories I haven't, but I'll certainly look her up. Thanks!more