On FOMO and Friendship

Look. I’m about to get real. Really real ....more

We Need to Talk About My Face (A Glycolic Acid Review)

About two years ago, I decided to start washing my face EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT ....more

Most Likely to Succeed

Remember Senior Superlatives? Those somewhat cheesy nominations given by your peers and then voted upon by the same? I was voted...more

Love What You Do (My WineShop at Home Story)

I’m way behind on things I should’ve written about over here already in 2016, like my word of the year, living with four dogs right now instead of one, Emma starting ballet, this insane Presidential campaign, some thoughts I’m kicking around about the state of education, our trip to Puerto Rico, mojitos, my newfound love of fancier cheeses, nail polish…you know. Life stuff. It has been a very, very full 53 days so far ....more

New Year, New Room: A Master Bedroom Dream Makeover from Wayfair

In our old house, the most neglected room was always the master bedroom. In our new house, the most neglected room is the master bedroom. Why? ...more

#MeditateOnThis: Why Talking About Medication Matters

I was going to come here today and whine all about the migraine I had yesterday and how now I have a migraine hangover and/or I slept really, really wrong and/or going on a Twitter rampage last night somehow tweaked my neck. There is for real a lot of whining and I’m not saying that post won’t still happen. I’m just saying it’s not happening now because we need to #meditateonthis for a minute ....more

When It Snows In Georgia

When it snows in Georgia, time stops. It’s like the world has just decided to stand still and so has every single person who is native to this state. It’s such a rarity most of us revel in it, even when the snowfall doesn’t top two inches ....more

At Least There Was Pizza

There’s no pretty way to say this and this post is going to be whiny and rambly and unpolished and I don’t even care because it totally mimics the day I just survived. Am still surviving. (Thanks to a bath and a glass of Malbec.) Today was terrible, almost from start to finish ....more

Girl Scout Cookies and WINE? YES, PLEASE!

Forget about your New Year’s Resolutions for weight loss and fitness and overall health, people. And blame the Girl Scouts while you’re at it. Those little angel-faced, cookie-peddling Pollyannas come around just as we’re all hitting a plateau in our plans and BAM! ...more

My Glass Is Full

When it comes to the old debate about whether the glass is half full or half empty, I’m the person who chimes in with something like “Does it matter? You have something to drink.” I’m a realist and logic rules. But if we’re going to get serious/frou-frou/inspirational for a minute, and we are, I have to say that right now at this point in my life, my glass is full ....more