Pay to Promote Your Status Comes to Facebook

There have been more changes at Facebook as of late, and people have had a lot to say about the new pay-to-promote system which is currently in testing mode. Not Super... Just Mom has a post about both the sponsored content showing up in her feed as well as noticing that views to her status updates have dropped perhaps because she is not paying to have her words read. Though she also raises the other fair point -- what Facebook is essentially doing is asking people to pay to advertise their words, just as any brand would pay for advertising to get knowledge of their product to the consumer. ...more
Yes, very very frustrating for page owners. Proof in the pudding that brands need to share ...more

A Post in Which We Learn Magic is Real

I've told you all how trying and exasperating most of our vacation into the mountains was.  I've told you all how we thought about throwing in the towel, about nearly calling it quits.  I've told you how tired I was, and how sick we were. I haven't told you about the Toy Maker.  ...more

The Labrador: An Ode to Poe

It's Halloween-time, and for some reason, I had the urge to re-write Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, in honor of my black Labrador.  Why?  Don't ask me, I have no clue. So, without further ado, I present: The Labrador Once upon a noontime dreary, while I slavered weak and bleary, Over kibble forgotten upon the unswept floor, While I slavered, nearly slacking, suddenly there came a clapping, As of some dog gently flapping, flapping his jowls upon the bedroom floor....more