Ms. Emily goes to Washington

Finally! The surely-long-awaited recap of my super awesome trip to D.C.! It's a long one, kids ....more

Bits and blurbs - low-blooded edition

I gave blood at lunchtime and have felt kind of icky since, so you're getting a bunch of nothing tonight. It's cold here. It's been cold here for weeks ....more


A quick update. Monday threw me a little off balance and yesterday I was CRABBY (moody is probably a better word for it). Yesterday was also therapy day, though, so I hashed it all with Timmy and only got his patented "Emily, what are you DOING?" look like twice, which I consider a success ....more

The homewrecker gene

I was born without the girl gene. Not the one that makes me look and feel like a girl, I mean. And I obviously have a perfectly functional female reproductive system ....more

Bits and blurbs - exotic animal edition

So busy...trying to stick with you a filler post... I STILL haven't told you about my trip to DC, mostly because I'm lazy, but also because I've been working my ass off with work-work and extracurricular-work. My evenings have been devoured by either research and writing or passing out by about 8:30 because I'm exhausted ....more

Unexpected kindnesses

There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you're on the receiving end of a random act of kindness. I've gotten more than my fair share of random, unexpected kindnesses over the past few months. From a coworker paying for the breakfast I bought the daycare workers for Christmas, to a friend giving me a book after I expressed interest in reading it, to some sweet, angelic, anonymous soul shoveling my driveway after we got 10 inches of snow last week, I've been a very lucky girl of late ....more

I don't have the patience for this

I haven't been around enough over the past few months to have shared my absolute loathing of kindergarten homework. But I hate it. It's stupid (to me), it's annoying (for me), and it's time-consuming (for both of us, but particularly for me) ....more

Bye bye baby, hello goofy-looking big kid

I went on a really super amazingly fantastic trip to DC this week that I'm dying to tell you about, but you're not getting that tonight because (A) I'm tired, and that post - with all of its attendant picture uploading and moving and such - will take a long time to put together, and (B) this: For those who can't decipher this (which is probably everyone except me), that is a picture of W's first loose tooth. The wiggly one is the bottom left-center one (well, your left; his right). I discovered it tonight right before bedtime ....more

Mah baybee's in kindergarten, Volume I*

Ok, it's been a few months by now, but we're going to cover W's first day of kindergarten. W goes to afternoon kindergarten, and I was an anxious wreck the whole morning of his first day. I mean, MAH BAYBEE! ...more

101 problems

Back in the middle of 2012, I started working on my 101 things list. As I reviewed the list a couple of days ago, I realized two things. One, my end date (April 15) is rapidly approaching, and two, there are whole bunch of things on that list that are either impractical or impossible for me now ....more