The suicide post

It's been over a week since Robin Williams committed suicide and everyone on the internet with any sort of opinion on the subject has already written on it. I so hate reading, hearing, thinking, or talking about suicide that it's taken me a week to get around to adding my two cents to the interwebs. And it's not going to be eloquent or poignant; I still struggle mightily to address this stuff without sinking into the panic that wraps itself around my throat when I think back to my darkest days ....more

Dorm life

Guess where I'm sitting right now. Go on, guess! A dorm room ....more


I don't write about happy things here nearly often enough, so I'm going to (very vaguely) talk about some of the happy in my life right now. First, I've been given the opportunity to attend a week-long, intensive class on a topic that really interests me. Even though I'll be getting CLE hours for it, it's not at all related to my job, so I'm guessing I'll have to use a week of vacation time for it, but I think it'll be worth it ....more

Raining and pouring

The ol' blog was brought to my attention again recently, and I realized just how long it's been since I wrote. I didn't mean to stay away for two months, but apparently life takes up a lot of your time when you're actually living it. Who knew? ...more

The lost inside joke

After being single(-ish) for four or so months now, I've found that there aren't a lot of things I miss about being in a relationship. I like having the freedom to (mostly) make my own decisions and flex the independence muscles that I didn't use much over the last decade. I like not having to be accountable for my whereabouts ....more

That made it creepy

There's a prosecutor I work with who I really like. He's probably 15 years older than me, wife and kids, ex-military, smart. He likes the same type of novel-legal-issue-research-and-thinking-about-ness that I do, which has led to many interesting and intellectually-stimulating conversations about, say, the vagaries of appellate court jurisdiction pending Supreme Court appeal (spoiler alert:...more

First Mother's Day

Mother's Day usually isn't a big deal in my world (see, e.g.), but this year was worse than normal. B had the boys for the weekend, so I was home alone. I also discovered that there's a huge difference between being without your children on Mother's Day by choice and being without them because it's not your weekend ....more

Bits and blurbs - long time gone edition

I keep meaning to write. Truly I do. But I tend to have this problem where my poor, dear internet can't handle both me watching TV and me being on the web at the same time without spazzing, so it's difficult to do much writing in the evenings (because I'm watching TV) ....more

Vicariously living the dream

My mom and I went out for a girls' day today - shopping, lunch, and pedicures. While we were chatting, she mentioned that her student teacher (we'll call her Andrea), who lives a couple of blocks from me and I've used for babysitting a couple of times, might be moving to Arizona. This is a dramatic departure from what Mom was telling me about Andrea a few weeks ago ....more

Party all night

I need help. Once or twice every couple of weeks, the boys wake up in the middle of the night - like 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. - and decide that it's time to get up for the day and play. I think W is the one who wakes up, and then he wakes R so he has a playmate ....more