My Baseball Playing Girl is Chasing Chelsea Baker...

"What the! Ump are you blind? You need to go see an eye doctor!" or  "Really? Really, come on now!" and my favorite "THAT'S RIGHT! BABY GIRL JUST LIKE THAT!"  All words yelled from my mouth this baseball season as I watched my girl pitch in the Little League Majors. She did not get the opportunity to pitch much considering the coach had grandsons on the team. Actually I hated the way she was often treated, but kept it status quo at the request of my daughter and did not go ape poop on people. After all this was her time not mine....more


 I wanted to share the story of John Lara a highschool football player who in January was injured in a football game. He was hit and went into a coma, his injuries were life threatening but today he is returning to school after 6 months of rehabilitation. Go to this link to see his story I share this story with you because I believe it is important for parents to be informed about the dangers of athletics....more

I Had Ambitions and Dreams; Then I Went to Jail for Domestic Violence

October was Domestic Violence Awareness month. My month for domestic violence awareness was September. It has been nine years since I was arrested for attempted murder. It has been nine years that I have lived with the choice of that fateful day, September 2, 2001. How do you go from a good girl who has never ever been in trouble other than a traffic ticket, to walking into a jail with your love's blood on your shirt? ...more
Me and my little sister did live through domestic violence. Seeing their fights and trying to do ...more

So You Think People on Welfare Shouldn't Own Cell Phones?

As you see by the title of my blog page, yes, yes I am a welfare mother. There is a misconception that all people on welfare are lazy, drug addicted, uneducated, dregs of society. Well I am here to tell you that misconception needs to be changed. The simple facts of the matter are that many people like me on welfare are single working moms. ...more
18 years and you have been on and off of welfare. Right there is the problem - 18 years is 17 ...more


we have all at one point or another had to "divorce" our best friend, for me that occassion happened about two months ago. the things that drew me to her ended up being the things that inevitably caused me to seperate myself from her. we had known eachother when we worked in the same place 18 years ago and though i thought she was annoying at first it was 10 years later that we actually crossed paths again. we had both gone through some things that put us in the same anger management class, domestic violence being the common issue....more


ah it is almost time to load up and head to the drive-in! what?  you do not have one in your town? seems they have gone way of the public telephone and dinosaurs! but in my lil central cali town we still have one of the few left! we love it! we load up with junk food, and tonite i am taking fresh fruit, and we will get a little ceasars pizza and bring our own drinks. making sure we have blankies and pillows and folding chairs and any other thing that might help on our adventure....more

oh you should go before the summer is over! i just so love the nostalgia of it all. it gives me ...more

Eminem raps about domestic violence in I Love The Way You Lie and who sings vocals? Rihanna.

i heard this song today for the first time and i felt it in my core. i could feel all of the triggers surface beneath my skin and in my head and all i could do was cry. i was working driving a bus after finishing my shift for the day. i was so moved today when i heard this and i know some of you cannot appreciate a song or much less a rap about a violent relationship and how devastating they are. and then to throw Rihanna in to do the haunting vocals. all i can say is WOW....more

aw thanks and welcome to blogher, this is a great site and i hope to get more into blogging and ...more

i love a meth addict, true confessions of a welfare mother......

 today i am going to blog about something that has made an impact on my life in so many ways that i don't even know where to begin, but well i will start with today. i am sitting here with my kids after working a 10 hour day and am dogass tired and i am feeling like i am wondering how much more i will tolerate from the one i love. about how much more it will take before i break, so that nothing will hold me together anymore. i am and my life is an open book. i don't hide my feelings and i don't hide what is going on in my life from pretty much anyone? is that normal?...more
I completely relate to your situation in fact im in the exact same one. my soulmate is a meth ...more

would you have a carwash to raise money to bury a loved one?

i have been noticing lately in the small Central California town that i live in, that  there are lots of carwashes going on. you know the kind that raise funds usually for a sports team or some kind of trip that the highschool band is taking. those are pretty much the norm in any city, especially here in California. but in the last year i have probably seen close to 60 carwashes that are being held to cover funeral expenses for someones loved one. i actually participated in my first carwash of this kind a few weeks ago....more

depressed, anxious prone to eczema and carpal tunnel, problems sleeping ,heartpalpatations, welcome to hypothyroidism!

 i have been struggling with depression on and off for years, always suffering more in the winter months. hah i chalked it up to a  self diagnosis of SAD seasonal affective disorder. This year my bout started january, november and december were crucial months in the making of my january depression. i had falling outs with my only siblings, stopped speaking to them and i was trying to find a new place to live bouncing from place to place between july and november. i found a place in late november and my kids and i had a sparse xmas....more
Thank you for sharing your story. You are helping many women by sharing your story. I was ...more