Don't Tell The Newbies

Sixteen years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  My first child had just been born, and I was clueless.  It was a good thing, because if I had known then what I know now, I might have made a break for it while there was still time....more

Ideas Needed for Random Acts of Kindness

Recently, a friend of mine went to the gas station and found an envelope taped to the pump.  Inside was a $20 bill with a note explaining that the giver wanted to do 30 random acts for her 30th birthday.  How awesome is that?...more

Childbirth vs. Wal-mart

You know, in strange way, going to Super Wal-mart is like having a baby.  I know, I know…that sounds weird, but that’s how my brain works.  Hear me out, and you might just see how the two are alike....more

The Pilot Who Shall Not Be Named

 As I sit here on a plane on my way to a conference inLas Vegas, I realize that I am a control freak.  I know, I know….not a real shocker there.  I like to be in control.  I like for my life to go exactly as I plan it.  I like for my kids to behave exactly as I expect them to.  (Okay, that rarely happens, but a girl can dream, right?) ...more

But What About Socialization?

The most common question any homeschooler gets asked is, "What about socialization?" In fact, we homeschool moms have many inside jokes about socialization because the question gets asked so often. Apparently, most of the world thinks we are sitting around our kitchen tables completing math problems together by candlelight. For most homeschool families, that image is completely incorrect. An average week in our house has many opportunities for socialization. In one week's time, here are the activities my kids go to: -Gymnastics (Well, the girl goes there. ...more

Why I Homeschool

Many times, people ask me why I homeschool.  On many days, I answer with an honest, “I have no idea!”  There are days when I regret the decision.  (I promised to be honest on this blog, remember?)  There are days when I feel “trapped” by my decision to homescool.  Since my kids have always been homeschooled, I don’t feel like I can easily put them in school.  We tried that once.  It didn’t go very well.  It resulted in one big kid refusing to get out of the car and a little one covered in eczema from the stress of school....more
That's the thing about homeschool, you're not normal or average and it's a good thing. ...more

Lessons of April

 In April, 2012, we had one disaster after another hit. First, my husband ended up in the hospital with 190/130 blood pressure.  That was scary, and it was enough to cause us to make some major life changes.  We started eating better and exercising more.  The changes were sudden and drastic, but we did it.  However, don’t tell him he was overweight.  You DO NOT want to get him started!...more