Don't complicate your happy.

This week is turning out to be a real crap fest. Epically crappy. This is the kind of week that makes us want to crawl into whatever space it is that we retreat to and go into what I call turtle mode. “No one here! Just this hard shell! Gave at the office! Thanks! No hablo!” ...more

Getting my (increasingly larger) ass in gear.

So I took a vacation in the beginning of June to Mexico. It was delightful. I worked for 5 months to be bathing suite ready. I then proceeded to eat and drink my weight in guacamole, carne asada and beer. Nice. But, hell man, it was a good time. Only I’m still acting like I’m on vacation… ...more

Living Better Through Chemistry

Oh, I reached an all time high on the bitch-o-meter last week. Needle was in. the. red. Why? Because I’m a jackass. All my life I always attached a stigma to needing help of any kind. I’m tough, God damn it! I get over ANYTHING. Uhhhh, not so much. Turns out I’m actually a complete wreck at times and it makes me want to sit in the corner in the fetal position, rocking back and forth, and chewing on my hair. Not pretty, I guarantee you. ...more

Tip of the Week: Throw the scale out the window.

I have driven myself crazy for the last week. No, I'm not kidding. I have been a total basket case. I have gained about 5 pounds. Insert "GASP" here. Five whole pounds. Oh. My. God. Life will end right now! Okay, not really. It's five pounds. Five. The bad thing is that I have a very small frame and gain all my weight in the midsection so five pounds is a whole dress size for me. But, there are a few things contributing to this. One is obvious and I won't get into it but, ladies, you feel me. I know you do. ...more

It's okay to hate yoga.

I want to like yoga. I really do. I want to be one of those yoga people. I want the cute outfits and to feel all at peace with the world. My only problem is that I hate yoga. This is a huge issue. It also has made me realize why I don’t eat sushi. I so badly want to be one of those sushi people, as well. I’m just afraid I’ll hate it and then where will I be? Shunned by the masses because I only eat cooked fish? Sounds less appealing that ingesting raw octopus. ...more

Whoever thought that trying to hold balance with a stiffened body resting on one hand ...more

Roller Derby, Flying Insects and a Total Freak

I had mentioned in a comment to Keli on Sunday's Tip of the Week post, that certainly in the course of trying to find my people, I had to go through a very careful weeding out process. Meeting people through activities groups is like going on a blind date with 20 people. Sometimes terrifying. Sometimes absolutely splendid. ...more

Total noob checking in!

I'm as new as they can and I've gotten as far as listingmy blog and setting up my profile and I think I need a nap! Be gentle with me ladies. I feel like the new kid on the playground an dam just looking for someone to share their dessert from their lunchbox. Other than that, HI, great to be here! ...more