Arachnid Attack

As with all good military maneuvers, the attack was sudden and began without warning. Appropriately attired in only my T shirt and underwear, this very morning I faced my hairy-legged assailant, eye to compound eye....more

Five ways to dispose of your boss - Mythbusters style

Is there someone in your life who just drives you nuts? Do you have a meddling mother-in-law, a bombastic boss or a nagging neighbour? How frequently have you daydreamed about blowing them up? If you’re anything like me your answer is “often”. Sadly though, the best that regular people like us can hope for is a nasty paper cut or an unfortunate photocopying accident. But if I was a Mythbuster, the possibilities would be numerous and far more exciting....more

Ralph Macchio is 50: All My Heroes Are Getting Old

Today I learned that The Karate Kid turned fifty. Fifty! That cannot possibly be right. Like most kids of my era, I enjoyed the unlikely tale of underdog turned champion. I cheered in triumph when that lanky loser kicked the mean kid’s ass, winning both the tournament and the girl....more
@victorias_view Ooh, I hadn't logged back in since I posted this. Thanks for taking the time ...more

Get out of my head!

I have little people inside my head. Vicious, nasty, evil little creatures they are, and they are hell-bent on doing me harm.  They are working with tools in there. Pickaxes. Jack-hammers. You know, heavy, earth-moving machinery that makes a lot of noise and drives you quite mad. They’ve been at it for more than a week now, and no amount of sweet talking (or drugs) seems to do any good. They are on a mission, and they are not alone. There are more at work on a connected site, and I am sure they are working together to bring down the entire system....more