Samsula Tractor Parade

The annual Samsula Tractor Parade is December 13th at 3:00 pm. This super fun holiday event starts at the SNPJ Lodge 603 on Samsula Rd and heads to the School and back, Complete information can be found here on their Facebook page.There is still time to enter to participate, entries are due by December 6th ....more

Cudas Holiday Store

After you are done munching on turkey and all that goes with it. Take a few minutes and head over to your closet, garage, jewelry box, wherever you have stuff to get rid of....more

Kook 386

Great place for local teens! You can find their website here ....more

Outriggers Thanksgiving Brunch

Start your food festival off at Outrigger's on Thanksgiving! They are having a marvelous Thanksgiving Brunch! It is from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm and will feature their signature Bloody Mary's for just $5.00! ...more

The Santa Experience


NSB Flip Factory

NSB kids are about to have a new action packed, super fun place to go. NSB Flip Factory is coming to town in January! The Flip Factory focuses primarily on gymnastics for children age 3 and up, but is also offering other exciting fitness based classes for kids pursing a variety of sports ....more

Whole Fresh Clean

Having hit the dreaded “middle age” I have been looking for an alternative way of eating that could help get me back on track to being healthy. I recently had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to Susan Essig from The entire concept of Whole Fresh Clean is to eat real food, in its most natural state, with minimal, real ingredients ....more

Run to The Sun


Support the Band

If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing the band in action you know they are excellent! They perform several concerts during the year and participate in many community events. Like every other group at the school they have been the victim of budget cuts and rely on community and sponsor support to keep their program going....more