Parental Alienation and Protective Parent Behaviors

Within the list of behaviors used to describe “parental alienation” (which is unfounded), there are some which resemble behaviors of a personality disordered individual, and others which may be contorted views of actions taken by a protective parent.  Parental alienation, however, is most often brought up by the abusive parent, accusing the protective parent of alienating the child from them.Most certainly there are behaviors noted which a protective parent might do if trying protect the child from an abusive ex.  ...more

Parental Alienation & Narcissistic Personality Disorder

It only takes a few minutes of googling (a verified verb) to learn about the invalidation of "PAS" and "Parental Alienation Syndrome".There are some out there that still want to vehemently argue that there is such a thing.  Personally, I can't disagree that there are behaviors which are meant to denigrate or negatively impact the child's relationship with the other parent - certainly that part is true....more