Why Your Child Should Have a Pet

    This is Ryu and Po (we named our dog Po from the movie Kung Fu Panda since he is all black with some white patches- he basically looks as if he could be a little panda bear!) at the park yesterday. We rescued Po when he was just 6 weeks old from an o...more

Introduce Yourself

My blogging is inspired by my son Ryu (Means dragon in japanese). I have always known in my heart that I was meant to be a mommy and when the day finally came, it was filled with excitment, curiosity, and of course love at first sight!! After a painful yet very fast labor....my son was out in 3 pushes....my son was born at 11:20pm weighing 6lbs and 9oz. That night my son was born I didn't sleep a wink. In fact, all I could do was stare down at my little blessing and watch and listen to everything he did....more

Sharing is Caring!

Sharing has been a staple of friendship for centuries! The reason being is that I think in general it gives people that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Let's be honest though, not all of us like to share absolutely everything we have with each other! So then how on earth do you get a toddler to share? Well, my son is now a sharing caring machine but it took a little time to teach him. For example, we were at the park as usual... kids running everywhere, my son ecstatic to have the company of other toddlers since his brothers are alot older than he is, and wood chips galore!...more

Kids, Kids, Kids!

So my son is 19 months now and has been suffering from chronic ear infections over the past year...Anyone out there with a similar experience and some good advice? Seems like he has an ear infection every three weeks   :(. I took him to see an Ear Nose and Throat doctor and he suggested a nasal spray first and if that doesn't work than off to surgery to get tubes in his ears and his tonsils taken out (Scary!!). Anyway, I'm not comfortable sending him off to surgery without making sure all the options are checked out! Tomorrow we go for a second opinion....more

Mommy Courage

After the birth of my son I can remember a mix of so many different feelings. The feeling of ultimate joy from looking into my little angel's eyes, the feeling of- "I am finally finished with this big round belly", then wait a second.... why is my belly still here and why can't I fit into my favorite jeans anymore?!! Ughhh. The weeks that followed became a little unsure since I had no idea what to expect from breast feeding, changing diapers, to my changing body....more


Its fuller reaches underneath the hammer!...more