Miley Cyrus vs. Barbie: The Battle of The Blondes — PICS

By Lindsey DiMattina , Staff So much for Miley Cyrus just being Miley. It now looks like Cyrus is trying to be a Barbie Girl and trying to live in a Barbie world. Over the weekend, Cyrus posted six pictures of her getting her hair done — and well, quite frankly, it looks as though she took her color inspiration from a Barbie Doll by going platinum blonde....more
I hate myself for loving this. Damn you, Lindsey DiMattina!  www.whorrified.camore

Tips on Hair and Skin Care for Swimmers

The beautiful swimmer, Charlene Wittstock married the Prince Albert of Monaco on July 2, 2011 in a serene ceremony. Do you wonder how the former Olympic swimmer has maintained her gorgeous skin and healthy hair? Normally, we tend to suffer from dry skin and damaged hair after a couple of swimming sessions itself. But, if the right hair and skin care is taken before and after swimming, you too can maintain your beauty! No more do you have to restrain yourself from jumping into the pool on a hot summer day or reduce your swimming time....more