Don't be a Victim of Marketing | Sodium Lauryl Sulfate | Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate [SLS] and sodium laureth sulfate [SLES] are the lathering agents in soap and shampoo—they make the bubbles.  Every few years “natural” soap and shampoo marketers target SLS and SLES as caustic agents to convince potential buyers to switch brands.  Their efforts are working as I have recently witnessed my friends with no science background discussing the topic.  Because of this, I have watched the videos and read the propaganda written by unqualified authors using bits and pieces of outdated studies that have been taken out of context.  It makes me c...more

6 Reasons Diandra Douglas (or her publicist) Is Wrong About HPV

Michael Douglas’ ex-wife wants you to know that she does not have HPV.  I want you to know that kind of ignorant statement is why fear and stigma persist regarding sexual health.  Here is why Diandra’s declaration is bunk:...more

Michael Douglas HPV | Oral Sex | Oropharyngeal Cancer

I am thrilled that Michael Douglas has brought HPV into the spotlight.  The medical community has known for decades that HPV infections cause throat and mouth cancer and have been quietly collecting data and watching trends.  Finally someone with enough clout and courage has given it some attention and brought it to the mainstream....more

5 Things I Learned as a Hurricane Sandy Volunteer Nurse

I was a volunteer nurse at a grassroots urgent care clinic in Rockaway Beach during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Here are 5 things that I learned: 1.  The national Hurricane Sandy relief organizations are focused on New Jersey, not New York....more

Hurricane Sandy Volunteer Nurse | Rockaway Beach | Belle Harbor, NY

Volunteering in the Rockaways renewed my passion for nursing.  I was able to help others in need who truly appreciated my time and skill.  Of course it wasn’t my contribution alone that made the experience rewarding;  it was hundreds of volunteers working together....more