Where This Woman Creates (Really)

I'm often intrigued by the immaculate photos I see of people's homes and workspaces perfectly staged and decorated. Do people actually live that way? I wonder. It's too easy to compare other people's picture-perfect to my own life-in-progress and find myself lacking. Some sites I don't even read anymore, because I don't come away inspired -- I come away feeling like an inferior human being. ...more

I need to see photos like this! I too get caught up beating myself up because I don't have a ...more

Space-Lifts in September

September is a good time for beginnings. We restock kids' backpacks with new school supplies, and we take mental stock of our supplies and spaces. In our family, we're on the verge of a transition in our work arrangements, and adding a workspace to our apartment will facilitate our new groove. Perhaps it's time for you to look at your spaces and evaluate if they are supporting your needs and your dreams for fall. Here are a few things I'm learning along the way: ...more

The Tourist Trap

It happens every time someone comes to town. I know it's coming--I even verbally warned myself and my current round of company, though to no avail. We fell, and we fell hard into the NYC tourist trap. Sight-seeing fatigue. Everyone says the same thing when they arrive: we don't need to "do" very much. We came to see you. We'll be happy seeing your neighborhood, experiencing your way of life. Really. One or two New York-ie things will be just fine. ...more

Blog For Sale?

I walked into the dimly-lit hotel meeting room, unsure of what to expect. A bartender poured me a glass of Pinot Noir, and a server would appear shortly with a revolving selection of hors d'oeuvres. Staff people did their best to make small talk with me, struggling to maintain expressions of interest on their faces, and tables with products pimped for holiday gift-giving lined one end of the room. Participant gift bags decorated the other. ...more