Wineglass Training Update – T-6: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Last week was another solid week of training for Wineglass. Through Saturday, I had run 61 miles over 6 days with intentions of 5 recovery miles on Sunday – which would have made it my highest mileage week this cycle (66). But I woke up Sunday and my left foot was hurting ....more

Why Your 1st Mile is the Most Important

This post was originally featured on Women’s Running (can be found here). —————— For years, I thought that the most important mile of each run and race was the last one. That’s the true sign of how the run went, right? ...more

A Successful Tempo on Roads – Finally!

Head over to my friend, Lottie’s blog (Running On Veggies) to check out my Workout Wednesday Feature! I’m sharing what a typical day looks like for me – training, food, activities and so on! ——– So, I FINALLY nailed a LT tempo outside ....more

Wineglass Marathon Training (T-8, T-7)

How is...more

Wineglass Marathon Training Update (T-9)

I started this post Sunday evening in the midst of one of those “can’t stop eating” days of marathon training. Last week was the longest long run and highest mileage week since Boston training…and it capped off the 2nd highest mileage month ever for me (have to go back to October 2014 for highest). So my insatiable appetite is understandable and expected ....more

Introducing Wellcoin

Have you heard about Wellcoin?...more

Trip to DICK’s Sporting Goods + Giveaway!!

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and DICK’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own....more

Things I’m Loving + Exciting News

There’s been a few things I’ve been meaning to share, but they haven’t worked themselves into other posts, so I wanted to include them in a roundup here. First, I am excited to share that I am featured on Runner’s Connect today! My super speedy friend, Tina, interviewed me a couple of weeks ago for the weekly podcast series ....more

Bugaboo Runner Review

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Bugaboo and asked if I wanted to review the newest model in their stroller line – the Bugaboo Runner! Stroller running is still a large part of my training – although lately, it’s been so incredibly warm that the stroller runs are limited! When my husband and I were creating a registry for our first child, we looked at Bugaboo strollers ....more

Wineglass Training Update (T-10) + Slowing Down

After months of falling off the early morning running wagon, I am happy to be back on! Last week was a pretty successful week of getting up when my alarm went off – most days around 5am (two days as early as 4:30am) – and finishing my runs before 7/8am. My weekly mileage is slowly starting to rise again – I had back-to-back 60+ mile weeks and came out feeling rested and ready for more training ....more