Introducing Wellcoin

Have you heard about Wellcoin?...more

Trip to DICK’s Sporting Goods + Giveaway!!

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and DICK’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own....more

Things I’m Loving + Exciting News

There’s been a few things I’ve been meaning to share, but they haven’t worked themselves into other posts, so I wanted to include them in a roundup here. First, I am excited to share that I am featured on Runner’s Connect today! My super speedy friend, Tina, interviewed me a couple of weeks ago for the weekly podcast series ....more

Bugaboo Runner Review

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Bugaboo and asked if I wanted to review the newest model in their stroller line – the Bugaboo Runner! Stroller running is still a large part of my training – although lately, it’s been so incredibly warm that the stroller runs are limited! When my husband and I were creating a registry for our first child, we looked at Bugaboo strollers ....more

Wineglass Training Update (T-10) + Slowing Down

After months of falling off the early morning running wagon, I am happy to be back on! Last week was a pretty successful week of getting up when my alarm went off – most days around 5am (two days as early as 4:30am) – and finishing my runs before 7/8am. My weekly mileage is slowly starting to rise again – I had back-to-back 60+ mile weeks and came out feeling rested and ready for more training ....more

Wineglass Marathon Training (T-12)

I am getting into the swing of marathon training so I wanted...more

Fall Marathon Plans + Back Home!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about planning your racing calendar out, it’s that it’s not set in stone…not even your goal race. Last fall, I had my eyes on the Wineglass Marathon in October, but after a few weeks during the late summer where I wasn’t feeling great and wasn’t up to long runs, I decided to forego Wineglass and chose the Potomac River Run Marathon in November – which gave me an extra 5-6 weeks of training. Earlier this year, I signed up for Wineglass again ....more

NYRR Open Run at Conference House Park

A few weeks ago, I alluded to teaming up with NYRR on a program targeting the local community! I’m excited to share the details today! Background Recently, NYRR partnered with NYC Parks and the NYC Parks’ Community Initiative ....more

Training Highlights + Garmin Forerunner 225 Giveaway!

Hello from Alaska!! We are two weeks into our three week vacation and having an absolute blast. The last 15 days have been filled with nothing but outdoor adventures, delicious food, beautiful weather and time with family ....more

Looking to Buy a Garmin GPS? Start Here!

There is no shortage of running GPS watches on the market today – each one with a different capability and price point. And so it can be incredibly overwhelming to narrow down a watch from the long list available, especially if you’ve never tried any of them before. I have been a faithful Garmin user since 2007 when my sisters gifted me my first Garmin as a going-away/Christmas present before my deployment (I have the best sisters!) ....more