Breastfeeding: A Call For Support

Recently, I was chatting with my friend who attends a weekly breastfeeding luncheon and she mentioned to me that the Surgeon Generals recent "Call to Action" regarding breastfeeding stated that only 13% of moms exclusively breastfed their babies by their sixth month. I have to be honest, I was really shocked by that number. Only 13%? Are you sure, I asked. Sure enough, upon doing a little googling, I found she wasn't lying....more

Is Breastfeeding Porn?

Is Breastfeeding Really Porn? Yesterday I stumbled upon an article from WhoaMomma regarding a mother who was breastfeeding her two year old in her older child's school lobby (the mother was asked to leave, you can read the whole post on her blog for more info, it was posted on May 19th). In the comments below, a few people remarked that breastfeeding in public is the same thing as porn. And I know that this whole breastfeeding in public thing is a huge issue amongst people. You either love it or hate it....more