A Tale of Two Mercedes.

A Guest Post by Chris the Husband. Mercedes and I have a history. We loved, and we lost ....more

It’s Time To Visit Thomas. {Giveaway!}

Visiting Thomas the Train has been a long-standing tradition in our household, starting in the ancient year of 2009. Each Spring, Day Out With Thomas rolls into the station in Calera, Alabama, and we highly anticipate our drive out to visit him. Ali was a hipster before hipsters were cool (which is actually the definition of a hipster, right?), so she was a female Thomas Fangirl long before she had a brother to blame it on ....more

If My Life Were a Children’s Book.

Friday If you want to get a haircut, you ask your Mother-In-Law to come watch the kids. If your Mother-in-Law comes to watch the kids, your youngest is sure to ham it up and play especially sick. If your youngest hams it up and plays especially sick, she will tell you he didn’t get off the couch all morning ....more

Superheroes on the Run.

Ali has been running with me since last summer, and she’s shown a surprising amount of proficiency at it, along with enjoying it most of the time (that may be due to the fact that we usually run to the candy store, but no matter. We all run for chocolate, am I right?) A couple of months ago I got the idea that it would be fun to run a race with her. Maybe she’d like the Color Run – what kid doesn’t want to throw paint everywhere? ...more

Diary of a Tired Mom: If the Shoe Fits.

Thursday night, there was a strange man with a high-beam flashlight walking around my front yard. I never got up to check, nor did I scream for my husband, because I totally assumed that he must be one of Fred the Cat’s dozen or more common-law owners, and he was out looking for Fred to put him inside before the cold snap. So if I get chopped to pieces by an ax murderer because I was trusting an overly friendly cat, would Alanis Morissette write that into a song about Irony? ...more

Why I Quit Bathing My Kids.

My friends of the Daily Child Bather Variety (which thankfully are rare) cannot understand people like me. They’re still in denial that the facts prove that most people are indeed like me but since I’m open and vocal about my anti-bathing stance, I must take the brunt of their shock. But here’s a little story to illustrate why, exactly, I only bathe my children twice a week ....more

The Unpaved Road to Kid’s Market.

This has been my permanent position this week. Because I’ve begun the process of consigning. For the first time in my life ....more

Diary of a Tired Mom.

Why is the most overused song lyric in the history of the world “All Night Long”? The phrase spans decades and genres, has been in more songs than the words bae, shawty, and boo combined, and IT IS A LIE. You know what happens all night long? ...more

Gifts for the Lego Lover

Thanks to a swarm of Christmas and birthdays, I’ve been tipped off to, have searched for, and have randomly found a plethora of Lego-Themed gifts. A bunch of it showed up in Chris’ stocking, to which he kept exclaiming, “How did you even find this stuff??” So, in order to help you all find Lego goodness, here’s my comprehensive list of Lego, Lego-ish, or Lego compatible goodies I’ve discovered lately. 1. Oyo Sports Lego Sets – a friend messaged me on Facebook about these one morning in December ....more

She’s That Kind of Mom.

Sometimes you get lucky, and it’s sunny and 60 degrees on a Saturday in February. It might even look miraculously green outside, as if your dream of stepping into a time machine to take you to Spring actually occurred. You get even luckier when you have the time and the forethought to go on a hike with your family at a fantastic nature park in your city, including countless mining ruins and treehouses with views as beautiful as your heart could want ....more