How Hamilton is Actually a Parenting Self-Help Guide.

Haven’t you always assumed that life would be more fun if it were a musical? Me neither. I never did understand how people could sing their lives in perfect rhythm and rhyme in real time – not to mention in harmony with their fellow life-livers ....more

The Highs and Lows of Camp.

In June, I planned my first ever Week Off Since Becoming a Mom. Or at least, five days straight of 9am-4pm Vacation. Noah is finally old enough to go to our church’s fantabulous multiple award-winning summer day camp (where every week has a different theme and it’s complete kid wonderland and I’m a little jealous every morning when I drop them off), and therefore,...more

The Story of Hosting Woes: A Cautionary Tale.

So two weeks ago was…stressful. It wasn’t planned to be, insomuch as one ever plans a stressful week. It all started at the end of June, when my blog / Picture Birmingham’s hosting company, HostGator, billed me for my annual renewal ....more

What was Said at Arby’s.

WHY ARE CRAZY PEOPLE ATTRACTED TO ME. Like, for reals. If I had to rate myself on a scale of Super Approachable to “Hazardous Area – Stay Away”, I’d be on the “Nuclear Waste – Clear the Area” end of things ....more

How PokemonGo Will Make Your Momming Better.

As I purposefully shy away from trends and adamantly avoid hopping on bandwagons, I was ripe to avoid PokemonGo completely. But I saw potential. Potential for entertained kids and interesting hikes ....more

The Awkwardly Intense Busybody Club: Corporate Edition.

The Awkwardly Intense Busybody Club used to be my favorite bizarre occurrence to report on, garnering itself its own category on my blog. But now that my kids are older (the AIBC tends to be more magnetized to babies), it’s been a while since I’ve had a stranger...more

What’s That Sound: Volume Seven

I’m kinda sorta taking the week off from writing because much...more

Printables for Your Summer Sanity

Summer is in full force. Even for those weird people who don’t get out of school until the middle of June. And it’s no Summer Break for Moms ....more

The Trouble With Elbows.

I have a doctor. I really love him. He listens to me, he remembers me and all my particular anomalies visit to visit, he diagnoses me properly and treats me accordingly, and he’s off on Thursdays and the weekends ....more