The Simple Joys of Being Observant.

I get it, Hot Wheels. You want in on the hype, too. But a white car with extra large rear hubcaps does not a Princess Leia make ....more

Let Siri Do The Talking

So I’m sick, and do not feel a tiny bit like writing. I was not sick all weekend but also did not feel like writing. (I actually don’t think I opened my computer from Friday through Sunday ....more

Crack Muffin.

Our family’s introduction to Crack Muffin came about in a bizarrely serendipitous way. It all started last summer. We were at our usual grocery store one day, casually shopping for our usual groceries, which did not include any boxed baked goods ....more

Preparing for That Special Night.

I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I adore my husband, have plenty of romantic feelings toward him, and love to celebrate anything with a date or weekend away whenever we get the chance. But I would prefer to not fight the entire world for a table on those occasions ....more

Not-Crazy-Renee and the Family Pet.

Not-Crazy-Renee is a homeschool Mom like myself. That somehow puts one in a different category of willingness to do bizarre things for educational purposes. Couple that with Not-Crazy-Renee being not-crazy and…well… So Loulie wanted a pet snake ....more

You Can Check Out Anytime, But You Can Never Leave.

Saturday night, after a full day of snow and fun and constant parent/child interaction, I decided that certainly the kids were prepped for an early bedtime. Or at least I was prepped for them to have an early bedtime. Introverted Parenting Tip: When traveling with kids, sitting in the hotel bed in the dark listening to tiny snores while chilling...more

The Day of Snow.

Picking up from yesterday‘s post…So snow. Somehow, the kids decided to let Sarah and I...more

Stumbling Into Epic Adventure

“I’m starting to feel antsy to get out of town again – I guess that’s a good sign.” I had just told Chris that last...more

The Best Worst Comments: Volume III.

Volumes I and II can be found here and here. I adore my regular readers and their lovely and encouraging comments – I seriously cherish...more