On Independent Study.

Ali has a lot of free time compared to most children her age. She’s nearly nine and in the third grade, which is prime time to be besieged with the first loads of homework. But since we homeschool, she escapes this fate ....more

All the Answers: The Last Batch.

I think I’ve made it through everyone’s questions! If I missed anyone, please let me know. Kyla asked, How do you avoid angering any family with what you write? ...more

All The Answers: Staring at my Innards.

You guys have so many questions. Good questions. Piercing questions ....more

All the Answers: Planes, Texting, Guilt, and Harry.

Here we go again. I’m really enjoying writing daily again – it’s been a while. Don’t get used to it ....more

All the Answers: Notes on Choosing a Camera.

In my recent round of Ask Me Anything, Sheri asked what kind of camera I use. Since I was planning on blogging about this soon anyway, I decided to give this question its own post. So you remember a couple of months ago at the beach, I broke my camera ....more

All The Answers: Part One.

My eyes have finally recovered! They got worse before they got better, and then I went to the beach and exposed them to the Florida sun for four days straight. So yeah ....more

On Medical Leave. {And Ask Me Anything}

My eyes hurt. A lot. I’m sure it has nothing to do with posing for this picture ....more

The Fruits of Laziness.

I am not the best at adulting. My office looks like The Room of Requirement, my dishes are never completely done, and the other day I looked up from bed and saw a pile of clean diapers on our dresser – and Noah has been potty-trained for at least two years. Chris joins me in admitting to not being the best adulter ....more

The Washing.

Yesterday, I took a three hour nap. I cannot recall the last time I took a nap at all – but it came with reason. Last weekend was Birmingham ArtWalk ....more

Epic Camping: The Downs.

Read Part One and Part Two here. Yesterday, I showed you the beautiful moments of our camping trip. Today, I unweave the rest of the story ....more