Sharing is caring?

 Over the years, I've gathered that good deeds can lose some of their inherent goodness when you tell people about them.  Seriously, if you want your deeds to count as really, really good ones, you're better off just zipping your mojito-hole. ...more

Ding Dong! Company's here!

I'm finding there are a lot of differences between living in the city and living in the suburbs. Things I never gave much thought to before, things I wouldn't even consider things, now stand up and beg to be noticed....more


My Baby's First Haircut

It's funny, for the longest time my baby boy was a beautiful little baldie, and then all of a sudden his hair started to grow.  And grow.  (And grow!)  And I didn't want to cut it. I'm not exactly sure why. He turned two this past January and I still couldn't bring myself to do it.Perhaps it was because I honestly loved the way his hair looked....more

Regaining our balance in the wake of the Boston Marathon

Like many people, I imagine, I left for work on Wednesday morning with a heavy heart and a sick belly.  My commute was an uneventful one, unless you count an MBTA bus driver so lively and eccentric her passengers were wondering aloud whether or not she'd forgotten to take her meds.  I have to say, I was relieved for the distraction. ...more

Thoughts on Coming Home to Boston

On Thursday afternoon I popped outside for my lunch break and walked around Copley, like I always do. Only that day, the excitement in the air over the upcoming marathon was palpable. Workers were busy erecting bleacher seating and the medical tent in front of the BPL, and I noticed that many of the storefronts had marathon themes. And honestly, there was just something so beautiful about it all; it sort of touched me. I felt a little silly, but I started snapping pictures up and down Boylston Street....more
Hi, I hope you will join and make a memorial sign for Martin today.  Here is more information on ...more

Confessions of an Accidental Co-Sleeper

It was a Wednesday morning, and to the casual observer I was probably just me, standing in the corner of the lunch room at work, staring blankly out the window at the sunlight twinkling on the water. But in actuality, I was manifesting a miracle....more

Marissa Mayer: Enemy of the Working Mother or Just a Hardass?

When I hear Marissa Mayer's name in the news these days, I'm not sure whether I want to laugh, cry or punch. As a woman, feminist and working mother, I'd be lying if I didn't say she made my skin crawl, regardless of her gender. When she made headlines back in July, I actually defended her a little. What can I say? She's a broad I truly hate to hate. ...more

Gobble, Gobble.


I'm a Bad Word Sayer And I Must Be Stopped.

 My godson Luke, now on the cusp of turning five, has recently taken to calling me a swearer (he pronounces it swear-ah).  Apparently I say bad wurds<...more