Make your own mixes!

Hey there, friends!  With soccer season upon us (and my girls' ongoing theatrical studies!) I'm all about easy but REAL food.  My crockpot has been getting a workout as has my freezer.  To make it even simpler I thought I'd take some of our favorite recipes and turn them into mixes.  ...more

Another Vintage Kitchen!!

Hi there ladies and gents.  I was browsing thru the local real estate listings and found a gem of a house.  It was built in 1937 by one of the popular builders of the era.  It seems the current owners had the sense to leave the original charm and chose to update very little.   Unfortunately the real estate listing touts this as a negative stating "Truly a gem to be brought back to it's original luster or build..."  Yes this beautiful home needs updating but I can't imagine it being a tear down.  Anyhoo, here's some pics! ...more

The Astronaut Wives Club- Book Review

Hi there!  I'm back with a quick book review.   Hubby said it looks like the wives are standing around a Tide bottle.  Ha ha...  I absolutely loved Lily Koppel's book The Astronaut Wives Club.  In the book Lily Koppel chronicles the unique experience of being an astronaut's wife.  The stories are in many ways typical of the times though.   The ladies felt pressure to conform to the ideal 1950's housewife- always looking her best, being supportive of her husband (regardless of his behavior), keeping a clean home, and  raising respectful and well behaved children.  But in other ways the wives were held to an even higher standard.  They were living on their husbands military wages so while their husbands spend time away at NASA or Cape Canaveral they were expected to live this perfect life without hired help.  And then they were launched into their own orbit of press interviews and publicity tours.  As women often do they turned to each other for support (from choosing the perfect lipstick color for their first Life magazine cover to dealing with the "Cape cookies") but it wasn't until much later at their reunions that they are completely honest about their experiences.  The wives were expected to be a bit formal during the hard times even with each other. ...more

the Balm binge!!!!! And my thoughts on the Mad Men finale

 Soooooo excited to share this with you!!!!!  Above is my makeup binge from the Balm.  While it's not vintage it is retro.  And adorable!!!  It's the kind of makeup women buy for themselves- not to impress a man, despite the pin up ladies and men on the packaging.  That's just for our delight.  ...more

Book Review! Mrs. Bridge by Evan S. Connell, Jr.

  Hello there!  Happy spring to all.  It's the perfect 70 degree day to sit out on our porch and read but seeing as our porch furniture is still under a tarp and I just finished a fantastic book I'm content sitting in the living room tapping away on my computer. Have you ever read a book that was so enthralling you didn't want it to end?  Mrs. Bridge is one such book.  It was written in 1959 by Evan S. Connell, Jr.  From the research I've found on line this was his first novel and his most acclaimed.  It lost the National Book Award to Goodbye Columbus, another fantastic book in my opinion.  Here is a link to an article published shortly after Connell's death which details his career. ...more

Meal Planning

Clearly I talk was too much because when I made my meal planning video I thought it was a quick one and it was over 5 minutes!  So off to You Tube I went with my little editor/technology consultant (aka Very Dear son!) in tow to help me post it. Here you go!!

Chesapeake Crabcakes, American Home September 1954

I'm back with a recipe post!  (Finally.)I found this recipe for Chesapeake Crabcakes in the September 1954 issue of American Home.  It's mostly a decorating magazine but there's always a page or two of recipes formatted in an index card style so they can be cut to fit the reader's recipe box.  Luckily neither Mrs. Katz nor her daughter Mrs. Cohn were scissor happy....more

Swanky House Love!!

 Hi!  Some of you really liked the vintage kitchen post I did a few weeks ago so when I saw this local real estate listing I knew I had to share the pics!  The home was a custom built mid century modern home.  While this isn't my favorite vintage home style I loved this home's spacious rooms and abundance of natural light.  It was built in 1957....more

Throw a chicken in the oven!

 Real food shouldn't be that complicated, right?  But sometimes it just is.   Jobs, kids, housework, errands, and life in general can get in the way.  Not to mention our culture's elevated expectations of a home cooked dinner.  (Thanks, restaurants.)...more

Hey there, Rosemary! Thanks for my shiny happy hair!

Hey there, Rosemary!! Thanks for my shiny, happy hair! Once again I'm going off topic but it's food related so it's cool, right?...more