The Kids Are Gone! Here’s What to Do With Your Time

I teamed up with Atmos Flare 3D Drawing Pen for this post. I recently found myself with something I haven’t had in over eight years: Regular time to myself. You read that...more

From Disheveled to Decent in Under 10 Minutes: Five Expert Fashion Tips for Busy Moms

This post contains affiliate links. We’ve all been that mom. The one with the greasy ponytail in last night’s pajamas, dodging glances from the other parents at school drop-off ....more

Four Simple Ways to Make Losing Baby Teeth Extra Special (Tooth Fairy Optional)

The ProNamel® brand has compensated me in connection with statements made in this post. ...more

If We Treated Getting a Dog Like Having a Baby

What would happen if we treated getting a dog like having a baby? (Click on any picture to be taken to the corresponding Facebook post) It would start with a cute yet subtle pregnancy announcement. ...more

Here’s What Would Happen if I Went on Chopped

My seven-year-old recently discovered the Food Network show, Chopped. He loves to choose his favorite contestant and watches each round of competition with growing anticipation. Who will be chopped and who will be crowned the victor? ...more

Please Stop Telling Me Not to Praise My Husband

Recently I’ve seen a rash of people talking about the double standard of praise aimed at parents. Fathers get praised for everyday tasks, while moms either get ignored for those same tasks or worse, reprimanded. While a dad is a hero for taking his kids out for dinner, a mom might be given the evil […] ...more

The Unthinkable

This post was originally published in November 2012 Recently a Facebook friend has been sharing...more

Five Reasons You Should NOT Sell at a Consignment Store

I’m excited to partner with The Growing Place and Polish for this post. You’ve been putting it off. Every time you think of it, you come up with...more

Eight Items You Need When Your Kids Get Sick on Vacation

This post contains an affiliate link. Before my husband and I had kids, I remember my sister-in-law saying that without fail, her kids would get sick while on vacation. She wasn’t being overly dramatic ....more

How to Get Your Kids to Unload the Dishwasher

You know when there’s a power outage? You walk to whatever room you keep your flashlight or candle stash, and even though you know the power is out (because you’re moving...more