Korean Food! A jajangmyun tutorial!

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How Do You Break Up with a Friend?

How do you break up with a friend, especially when that friend was such an important part of your life at one point? I know, why would anyone want to end a friendship with someone who was once so valued to them? Well, the truth is, people change and the friendships that once fit like a glove are no longer comfortable....more
I'm more of a "let it fade away" kind of person as I really, really hate these specific kinds of ...more

Autism Awareness Day - Are You a Parent in Denial?

Today, I am participating in "Light It Up Blue" for Autism Awareness Day. I do it to help give a voice to the 1 in 88 who have been and will be diagnosed as being on the spectrum because more attention needs to be given to this issue. I also do it for my son, Bubba, who is on the spectrum himself....more

The Top 10 Things Not to Say to a Woman Who Has Suffered Pregnancy Loss

About a month ago, I happily announced my pregnancy on this blog. I also announced it on Facebook, Twitter, to countless friends, family, "kinda knows" and even strangers. I was excited! Some probably think that was an unwise decision, and they are right because, unfortunately, I ended up miscarrying at almost 3 months along....more
 @OhSillyMommy1 Actually you are right. They didn't and I am thankful.more

What Happened to "Help Your Fellow Man"?

My husband donates blood as often as he's allowed. He's the precious blood type of O- that is coveted. Since he donates often, he regularly gets newsletters mailed to him from the Red Cross with updates, the latest location nearest to us that is collecting, and other Red Cross news. One just came in the mail, not ten minutes ago, and I decided to flip through it....more

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

My husband came to me a little while back with a complaint. A complaint! He says that he's disappointed that our sex life isn't spontaneous any more. Really?! With two children ages 2 and 6 and he wonders why it isn't spontaneous? My answer was to hit him in the head with a rolling pin until he regained common sense. Well, no, I really didn't. Instead I did think about what he said and I begrudgingly admit it -- he's right!...more
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At Bubba's school, all kids who get picked up instead of riding the bus have a designated waiting area in the gym. My little darling took it upon himself to sneak out when the teacher wasn't looking (he was promptly intercepted) in order to go find me for himself. This is his second time doing this in a week, so I couldn't just let him off with a warning and speech like last time. This time I took away the computer, TV and dessert. (Just for a day-- he's only 6 after all!^^)...more

Boys don't wear nail polish!

My boys and I were relaxing on my bed last night just before bed. The littlest, Goose, being nosy, decides to dig through my "Mommy" drawer and finds a bottle of clear coat nail polish with glitter. My oldest, Bubba, sees it, takes it from his brother and holds the bottle up into the light and asks me what it is. The swirling glitter has them both entranced. I tell them that it's nail polish and describe how it's applied. Bubba then asks me to put some on his finger. Uh oh...how do I answer?...more
This is only an issue if you make it one. How about don't sweat the small stuff? It's only ...more

All Moms are welcome...except for me!

The Uber-Moms at Bubba's school don't like me. Sure, they've never said it out loud, but I can tell. I just get that feeling that I'm a little too "untraditional" for their tastes.. What is an Uber-Mom? First of all, she's very put together, even at 8:30 in the morning. She's the Mom that is on every available PTA committee possible. She's the Mom that has the principal's direct number on speed dial and does not hesitate to use it. She's the Mom who will bake 100 gluten-free cupcakes at the drop of a hat complete with dairy free icing....more
I wish you best of luck! Some of the uber-Moms can be very frightening! I hope you wear each and ...more

DIE-ting again...but this time I mean it!

Sheesh...how come my pictures always make me look fatter than I really am? I mean I know the image that I see in the mirror of this thick yet shapely and well held together woman has to be the real me, not the swollen chick in the pics with the cheeks so puffy she looks like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter. But, just in case I may be delusional, I've embarked on yet another diet. But this time I'm going to make it work. Really, I am. I promise! (Crossed fingers don't count if they're behind your back, right?)...more