Did You Weight it Down the Right Way? Know The Fats You Eat

If you eat meat everyday, then you may be at risk of obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and some form of cancers among others. This is based on a collection of existing researches about how dietary fat intake affects your health. Most of these researches are conducted by health professionals such as Doctors of Medicine and Physics, Nurses, among others ... read moreBlogging & Connecting Blogging Moms...more

Peace… is the Greatest Gift of All!


Obesity in the US: An Opportunity, Not A Culture

Obesity in the U.S. is not a culture but an effect of massive economic problem.  It is not enough to teach people to eat healthier foods like fish, fruits and vegetables.  The federal government must also find ways to make such food more accessible and affordable for the public consumers.  If there is McDonalds in every corner of American households, there should be twice more healthier mode of fastfoods to be provided.  Don’t blame it all on McDonalds and the likes....more

Hidden Carcinogenic Chemicals in Baby Products and Adult Personal Care

I was searching for baby product manufacturer’s coupons to post in my blog to share to everyone until I came across the news about toxins in baby products.  Unfortunately, most of the manufacturer’s coupons I gathered were from popular companies whose products contain toxic chemicals when inhaled or penetrated through the skin. It halted my search and shocked me a little bit.  It helped me realize as well that once in a while, I use these toxin-containing products for my baby....more