He Didn’t See The Rainbow, But I Did – Part 1

Evan and Bryan were two brothers who did everything together. They were twins, both age 15. Evan was adventurous and Bryan was shy ....more

I’m Writing Things Even If They Don’t Make Sense or No One Cares

I care. I think we can all agree that I care a lot. Kind of like the Care Bears ....more

I Don’t Think This is a Blog Post But Fuck It

I want to write something profound and wonderful and also funny. But I have writing blue balls or limp writing dick. Why is everything about penises? ...more

Guest Post – Always Unstable Was My Dream

Always Unstable Was My Dream By Meghan Schultz When I was in school I wanted to be a lot of things, a nurse, an undertaker (weird for a child, I know), a painter, a concert pianist, a writer. But then for a long time I didn’t want to be or do anything. Depression took away my hopes for the future, all of my dreams, all of my drive to try ....more

The Nothing Train to Nowhere Part 12 – END

I sat in the seat next to the weird elderly man with the dusty hat. I cried and cried. I could stop those tears from coming ....more

The Nothing Train to Nowhere – Part 11

I stood at the train station waiting. There were so many pigeons to talk to. One of them told me her name was Amelia and she had 11 pigeon children, but they didn’t talk to her anymore ....more

The Nothing Train to Nowhere – Part Ten

The path to Nowhere was winding. It lead me down the mountain and into the deep valley below. I was wearing my white Converse, which weren’t ideal hiking shoes ....more

The Nothing Train to Nowhere – Part Nine

I stopped to catch my breath. I looked up and there I was, at the top of the most beautiful mountain I’d ever seen. I don’t think I’d ever been to the mountains in fact ....more

The Nothing Train to Nowhere – Part Eight

I woke up feeling contented. I didn’t want to move. He was still asleep ....more