What Babies REALLY Need

I have recently read this article on Psychology Today and got really angry about the things books and articles have us believe that our babies need. They tell us that only if we behave in a certain way (meaning in their way) children will be well-adjusted and happy and have a good relationship with us.So I thought that to counter this, I would write my own article. It would be about what babies really need. As it turns out, it isn’t really much....more

Sing It: How To Introduce Music Into Your Family Life

I was raised in a house full of music in general and classical music in particular. When I was 4, my mother took me to the opera. While my voice isn’t perfect, it was enough to sing in a choir for a while. As a teenager, I taught myself to play to guitar. I love music and it means the world to me.As a mom, I am trying hard to convey my love of music to my children. They love singing with me and they love it (sometimes) when I sing for them. They have nice clear little voices and I enjoy listening to them....more

Dutch Parents Don't Yell!

French parents are strict and have a lot of rules for their children to follow. Asian tiger moms are even stricter and make their children work hard. Dutch parents love their three “R’s of childrearing”: rust (rest), regelmaat (regularity), and reinheid (cleanliness)....more

Eight Ways I am a Good Mom

I am in a rather bad mood: sleep-deprived, dealing with crying children, and having a rather bad day. I am in need of some lift-me-up. I recently read this Huffington Post article called: “The Good Mother,” and it has done the job. We should tell each other why we are good moms, and here are my reasons. ...more
SophieLiebe Dear Sophie, thank you for commenting and I am glad to know there are other ...more

Seven Ways Parenting Is Like A Video Game

I am not a gamer myself. However I  am not opposed to video games if they’re educational and used wisely. I even believe that they can help your child learn! I used to play a lot of video games when I was a child: “Civilization”, “The Incredible Machine”, “Sim City 2000” and other, less educational games....more

Five Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Have you heard of the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is and how it can affect your well-being? Unfortunately, the SAD is not a stranger to me, and over the years I’ve developed ways that help me deal with the sad feelings that come with the lack of sun.1)      Go outside whenever you can...more
6) Adjust your diet to the season.more

5 Ways A Blog Is Just Like A House

I just moved my blog, The European Mama to Wordpress and it has occurred to me that blogs and houses have a lot in common. They even could have more than just one thing in common. After all, we say that we “moved” the blog to a new domain and we talk of “visitors”. So here are the ways a blog is just like a house....more