Onward Homeschool Soldiers

This morning when I woke to work, a war was raging across the homeschool table. Nearly every plastic color block shape and cubed math manipulative we own was at attention; formed into tanks, constructed into walled fortresses, standing as tall guards, or traversing the seas. ...more

Gah. I am surfing around all these homeschool blogs that have photos of tidy, sparkling school ...more

Bumps and Bruises are to be expected.

For those that attended the Taking Your Blog to the Next Level lab session, Transitioning to a Self-Hosted Blog in Chicago, it was great to have a chance to meet you. We were excited to see a number of you make the transition on the day of the lab, while others have made the switch using our step-by-step tutorials since returning home. ...more

The W. Lakeshore responded positively to feedback!

Many times when I travel I'll receive an email asking me to evaluate the service given. I received an email from the W. Lakeshore the day after I returned home and I wrote back with what I felt was constructive criticism as well as praise for what I liked. I enjoyed my stay at the W. Lakeshore. I slept like a baby in those beds. The rooms were a quiet getaway from a very busy week, I loved the two meals I had at The Wave, and even the club atmosphere of the lounge didn't bug me. ...more

Most of the time it seems like they don't pay attention. I love that they not only responded to ...more

Ditch your Blogging Training Wheels

So your free, hosted blog solution has treated you pretty well. You've gone from barely knowing how to operate e-mail to publishing your unique thoughts on the world wide web. You've even tinkered with your template design and managed to add links and buttons to your sidebar. Your audience has grown beyond your sister and your mom and you're ready to move beyond free blogging tools. You'd like to spread your wings a bit, grow up a little and get your own domain. One that's easy to remember. With a publishing platform that's easier to customize. We applaud you. And? We're here to help. ...more

I use Dreamhost, it is great ...more