Surgical Anxiety

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Social Endometriosis

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The Year of the Kill & Sustainable Food Production

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Why We Need Awareness – Endometriosis

Hello, my name is Onagh, and I’m … Well, I’m back. I am a Severe Stage IV Aggressive survivor.  I was diagnosed in 1999 for the final time with Chronic Severe Aggressive Stage IV Endometriosis.  I have been silent in the Endo Community for many years now, and in the stretch to get my Memoir into manuscript form on the 12th Anniversary of my 1999 surgery, I have recently re-joined and have been reading Endo mail and blogs....more


All the attention and dismay over Internet Privacy got me to thinking.  I am at a loss for how this is news or why it is a “problem”.  From everything I have read, this is an educational issue more than anything else.  The fear mongering by the Media is really unnecessary....more