On Hiatus

I’ve been gone. In my mind I packed a bag from One Girl Trucking and took a trip. Unfortunately I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving, and I do appreciate the emails asking where I’ve been ....more

Decorating Your Truck 101

Living in a truck can get monotonous at times. A driver can run through many emotions in just one day, especially when things are not going as planned, which seems to happen a lot in the trucking industry, am I right? When you have to leave your home and family behind, especially on certain days– like when you don’t want to go!, those feelings can be even worse ....more

Babies First Outing

            We’ve had a little excitement here on the farm. One of our hens that is just a year old herself, decided to go broody on us a few weeks ago. There were a few times that I tried to break her of being broody, I even went as far as setting her in a snow bank to cool her down and to hopefully get her to change her mind but, she was dead ...more

Dirty Ducks

  The weather has been a little weird around here for April. Last Monday I headed off to Houston Texas, and as I kissed Hubs goodbye I told him that hopefully we’d be working our gardens when I got home. And then on Thursday of last week we had over a foot of snow, (that I was thankfully not home for.) Then over the weekend we had even more snow/sleet/freezing rain to contend with. Living on a farm means all ...more

Daily Life on the Road for Women

I receive a lot of emails from women asking how I live while out of the road- as far as taking care of myself hygiene wise. So today I thought I would put together a few picture with some links on what I use and how I get along while on the road and most importantly, how I still look like a lady which is very important to me. ...more

Haluski (Noodles & Cabbage)

Happy Belated St Patricks Day! Although I am late with this next recipe I wanted to share it none the less. This recipe was given to me from a Facebook friend and fellow lady trucker. I’ve been meaning to make it for some time but like so many other things, I never got around to it ....more

Spring Fever

The snow, ice, and cold are getting to me us. And sitting in Arizona with bright sunshine and green grass popping up in the ditches isn’t helping any! I keep sitting here thinking that when I get home I’m going to go out and start digging and planting! And then I slowly come back to reality, the reality that there is 3 feet of snow coving my gardens right now… ugh! And I’m betting with this last storm that has ...more

Something we already Knew

This story below is taken from the Trucker and I think validates what a lot of us truckers have felt about accidents all along involving personal vehicles and semi trucks. Yeah, we already knew this but it sure looks great in print ....more

Chickpea & Tuna Salad


Partnership, Love & Trucks

I wrote this before Christmas, and had meant to post it then, but as usual life got busy and something else came up. The reason I wrote this is because there are a lot of people going off and deciding to drive a truck these days- both male and female. Trucking is not the easiest profession on a relationship-actually it can be damn hard or totally wreck relationships, and it really takes a lot of love and understanding on both ...more