Am I The New Grinch-Mom?

Tomorrow is the last day of school for The Happy Boy. He is ending Pre-K 4 and they are celebrating with a Promotion Ceremony. As the new school mom I am I asked what were they doing in this ceremony and the teacher's answer was "they are going to walk, just like in a commencement ceremony and they are going to receive a diploma". My first words to his teacher were "but it is only Pre-K 4, it is not like they are graduating from college!". I could not believe how much of a big deal they were making....more

The Things We Do For Our Kids

1. Cleaning purple Kool Aid from the carpet.2. Scratching their back until they fall asleep. Or your hand is about to fall off.3. Going to the park on a hot summer day. At noon.4. Watching Power Rangers' episodes all weekend long....more

The Day I Realized My Son Is Cooler Than Me

I don't consider myself a cool person. The perfect definition of cool for me is my sister (which for this matter we will call "Aunt Carrot"). She likes to party (a lot), she graduated college with two (not one) degrees, she likes to exercise, got a nice job, she has several friends around the world, she travels; every place she goes (restaurant, bar, shopping center, party) there is someone she knows. I am just less than two years older than her and yet, there have been several times I get stopped by people asking "hey! Are you Aunt Carrot's sister?"....more

The Single Mother Survival Guide

If you recently became a single mother or if you are pregnant and about to become one, please take the time to read this post. I have been a single parent since The Happy Boy was born and I have to say, I have been really lucky with all of my family and friends support. But for whatever it's worth, here is what I have learned in this journey:...more
I wish I had read this 12 years ago when I had my first child and was a single mom from the ...more

9 Things No One Told Me I Would Miss From My Childless Life

There are some day-to-day things that everyone takes for granted and don't appreciate much before having kids. Here is a list of 9 things I never thought I would miss: 1. Having dinner without getting up from the table. I can be doing nothing for an hour and he will instantly feel thirsty or hungry as soon as I sit down to eat. 2. Taking a long shower. Forget about taking a bath. Or what about that hair treatment that ONLY takes 7 minutes? Ha! Forget about that too. 3. Grocery shopping in peace. ...more
Brittany SSP  Yes it is great but geez how much I miss my freedom! Ha! Keep enjoy it for me girl!more

What Makes Me Special: As Told By My Son

In honor of Mother's Day I did what mothers do on a regular basis. Clean, buy groceries, and prepare whatever we need to survive one more school week. It was a regular weekend for me, except for The Happy Boy's gift: a bracelet made by him, and THIS:...more

Living A Guilt-Free Life

A friend of mine, also a single mother, sent me this image today. We started talking about how we (not only as single mothers but as working mothers) don't have that option and how much guilt we feel for not being able to always choose our kids over work....more

The Perfect School Mom

This week The Happy Boy's school is celebrating Fiesta by having different activities each day. Yesterday they had a rally, today every kid had to take a dish to share with the classmates (this should be illegal) and tomorrow they are having a mini parade were each child is asked to decorate a shoe box and walk while pulling it....more

Better Have Lonely Sundays Than An Un Happy Life

One morning while I was getting ready for work The Happy Boy came to me and said "mom, everyone is going to think you have a boyfriend! You look so pretty and pretty girls have boyfriends". Yes, pretty girls have boyfriends so why I don't have one? I had a boyfriend a couple of months ago but it lasted less than a month (and one month relationships does not count) so I can say I've been single for 3 years now. I have dated a couple of lucky guys but nothing formal or, as some would say, never exclusively. Why?...more

A Pair Of Dirty Socks

This past saturday was the Happy Boy's super belated birthday party. His birthday is in January, and as the lazy mom I am, I posponed it for almost 4 months until I had no other choice. A friend and I planned the party for both our sons. We pretty much have the same friends, both of us are single moms and our kids are just one year apart. Even though we planned the whole party in not more than 2 weeks, everything was perfect!...more