Held By Love

On the morning marking two years, I walked into the kitchen; Russ was standing at the window looking out at the snow. He turned as I poured coffee. “Do you remember what today is?” “Yes,” he quietly answered ....more

5 Tips for an (Un)Successful Weekend Getaway Without Kids

Last weekend Russ and I had a no-kid, restful, romantic getaway. We set the dates well in advance, dreamed big (Mexico!), adjusted our expectations (Coeur d’Alene), and then made plans for a great weekend. It lasted just about 12 hours, and much of it was spent sleeping ....more

A Joyful, Beautiful, Thankful Start to 2017

2017 is my year for Completion and Restoration. What will that look like for me? What are my goals? ...more

My 2016 Goals – How Did I Do?

I set six goals for 2016. They weren’t resolutions or hard and fast determinations, they were simply goals. I’m writing this on the final morning of 2016 sitting in my nearly dark living room in front of the Christmas tree ....more

How to Find Hope When Everything Seems Hopeless

Today’s post is from my good friend, Mike Berry. Mike and his wife, Kristin are writers, speakers, parents, (very young) grandparents, and the creators of the blog, Confessions of an Adoptive Parent. They have a thriving Facebook page, offer an online course, AND, Kristin has a new book coming out soon ....more

Why You Shouldn’t Fake It (thoughts from a teenager)

My daughter, Annarose, posted this on Facebook a few days before Christmas and I asked to share it with you. She is a deep thinking, eighteen-year-old with wisdom beyond her years, born of suffering as a sister of kids from “hard places” and later through the loss of Kalkidan. I love this girl beyond words ....more

Preparing for the New Year

I hope your Christmas was wonderful. How did your kids do with the lack of routine, too much sugar, and the excitement of presents? We were up very late Christmas eve with Russ and Isaiah arriving home from the airport at 1:00 AM ....more

Merry Christmas, Friends!

From our family, to yours, Merry Christmas!...more

A Little Holiday Cheer

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot to do today! I intended to have much more accomplished by this morning, but as it turns out, my list is long – very long. I have to share these images from Rudolph and Elf for a little holiday cheer – they make me smile! ...more

Tips Stolen From the Kids’ Therapist #3 [Is this a big problem?]

Christmas break is here, which brings challenges for some of our kids – and for us. We may need to dig deep to keep ourselves regulated along with our kids....more