God is Sovereign, Even in Loss

On June 15th I published the post, Not Inoculated;...more

Loss Upon Loss – Our Brother, Nick

This is Isaiah. My mom will post something next week; she just can’t yet. I don’t really know how to write this ....more

Where are They This Summer? [Beza]

Beza’s summer is off to a great start. First, she finished her school year earning academic honors, and best of all, she enjoyed her teachers and classes. Second, she got a job! ...more

Where are They This Summer? {Isaiah}

The weeks are flying by and I’ve hardly managed to blog, I have lots to say but I’m struggling a little with writing. The simplest thing for me is to update you on what the kids are all doing this summer; they lead interesting lives! I’ll start with Isaiah because he is in the midst […] ...more

Not Inoculated

A month of so after the accident, we were on our way home from physical therapy, nearly at our driveway, when a thought struck me – and it hit like a fist gripping my heart. We have not been inoculated to tragedy. The unthinkable happened; we were in a terrible car accident and lost our […] ...more

Sunday Gratitude 6.14.15

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything, June 2nd to be precise, and when I take time off, I often have trouble getting started again. I’m jumping back in with gratitude since it is always helpful to me. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that so much has happened in […] ...more

Celebrating Annarose

This Friday Annarose will graduate from high school. It’s hard to believe that our middle child, our sixteen year old daughter, has reached this milestone. Even more notable is the way God has shaped her through the experiences of our life as a family ....more

Comfort and Tater Tots

Today marks five months since the morning we set off for Montana, a morning that ended in sorrow. A heavy weight of sadness has been growing in my heart since yesterday. Last night I found myself thinking that five months ago, as we prepared and packed for our trip, we had no idea how our […] ...more

How Can We Ever Thank You?

Words don’t seem adequate when it comes to thanking you, but wrapped up in these words are love and gratitude beyond measure. Russ and I want to thank you from the very depths of our hearts. You have prayed for us, cried with us, fed us, sent us gifts of comfort and cheer, and given […] ...more

Eight Years Ago Today

> Eight years ago today, Russ and Kalkidan arrived at the Spokane airport after an arduous 50 hour trip home. They faced bad weather, canceled flights, and an unexpected overnight stay in Atlanta. She became our daughter in January 2007 and we met her in February 2007, but due to delays with her visa, she […] ...more