To Be Sought and Found

It’s been a season of hard, of hearts that feel bruised and sadness that spills out of my eyes more often than I like. Days pass and I hardly see Russ as we moved through schedules of work and school, homework and sports practices, the demands of our young crew and the needs of our […] The post To Be Sought and Found appeared first on Thankful Moms ....more

How to Share Difficult News With a Child

I didn’t attend medical school, but I listen closely to my daughter who did and my son who is currently in his third year. They often learn things that apply well to parenting children who experienced early trauma. This post on sharing difficult news with children is one of those lessons ....more

Catching Up on a Friday Afternoon

It’s Friday afternoon and I have a few moments before the kids get home so I’m pausing to write. I miss the simple moments of stopping in to say hello to my people – you! After a whirlwind few weeks, we’re finally settling into the school year ....more

Dentist Visits and Tooth Success

The ProNamel® brand has compensated me in connection with statements made in this post. Each year in September and March, I take the kids in for dental check ups. Back in the day when I had a slew of kids at home, we were quite the sight, taking up every chair in the office for […] The post Dentist Visits and Tooth Success appeared first on Thankful Moms ....more

Adoptive and Foster Parents – You are Doing Incredibly Hard, Good Work

My writing partner, Jennifer, once quipped that she wanted to write a post about how being a foster parent made her fat. We shared a moment of sad, I-know-what-you-mean laughter, about the toll that parenting at this level places on our bodies, and ultimately our lives. This is serious work ....more

What Is High Nurture/High Structure Parenting?

Dr. Karyn Purvis taught that high nurture and high structure...more

Grief as the Kids Go Back to School

There’s something I’ve been carrying in my heart for a few days and I need to say it now, because tomorrow is the first day of school and I need to greet it with a smile, be excited with my children, make them a special breakfast, and send them out the door with prayers and […] The post Grief as the Kids Go Back to School appeared first on Thankful Moms ....more

My Thankful Life: Nicole

My Thankful Life is a series written by our readers. We admire and appreciate you more than you know. Thankful Moms is a place for all of us to gather and encourage one another ....more

Appendicitis In the Back to School Rush

Hello, my friends! I’m still here. My to-do list is ridiculously long and my bed isn’t made and the boys are watching tv and nothing is quite right, but I’m sitting down to write a few words to you ....more

The One Thing You Should Never Say to A Grieving Mom

This post was originally published on Rage Against the Minivan. The past two weeks brought sad news of the tragic loss of ...more