No Dinosaurs

Yesterday I was going through drafts that I’ve written and not published. Some of them are full posts that I didn’t finish editing, while some are just a title or a few words which I hoped would remind me of a brilliant idea I wanted to follow up on. I came upon this draft […] ...more

Island Adventures

We made it to Whidbey Island last Thursday night and our first adventure took us off the island the next day. We didn’t want to haul too much food across the state, so on Friday we packed up the boys and headed north. The island connects to the mainland via two bridges suspended high over […] ...more

The 27th – and Seven Months

It keeps happening. The 27th rolls around again, and we count another month since the accident and Kalkidan (I’ve left this sentence unfinished for an hour – what do I say – passed away, died, went to heaven?) Yesterday as Eby and I walked along the beach, he said, “I miss Kalkidan.” “I know Ebs, […] ...more

Our Joyful Place

This morning we’re headed to Whidbey Island; the place I love most in the world. I grew up spending two weeks there each summer and it’s where many of my happiest childhood memories were made. ...more

Rethinking School and Plans for Fall

Last August, after a summer of feeling very worried about homeschooling, I did the unexpected and took a sabbatical. I couldn’t explain to Russ, or even to myself, why I couldn’t do it. After 23 years of continuous homeschooling, it wasn’t even logical ....more

What We’re Reading in 2015-2016

Last week my book group gathered for our annual planning meeting. We each brought...more

Home: The Patio Begins

Last March I wrote about our decision to not make any major changes to our home, or any other big decisions for that matter, in 2015. Healing our hearts and bodies, gathering our children close, and leaning in close to the Lord are our major tasks for the year. Although we weren’t ready to tackle […] ...more

It’s Not Okay

Last weekend we were in Oregon for the wedding of some special friends. As we packed Russ asked me which tie he should take, and I immediately told him he should wear Kalkidan’s tie. Russ and our boys wore orange ties at Kalkidan’s memorial service in honor of her favorite color and vibrant spirit ....more

Being Intentional

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Ps. 90:12 This morning I began reading Pursue the Intentional Life by Jean Fleming, and I wish I could read all day ....more

Where are They This Summer? [Annarose]

In the midst of sadness, life keeps moving forward. I’m almost thankful that although I may want to escape my life, my kids make it impossible. Today I’m continuing my update on the kids’...more