Heading to Refresh

I had big plans to post something today before we leave or Refresh, but the simple task of doing laundry and making packing lists has taken all of my energy. This is only my third day on my own and I feel somewhat incompetent. We’re loading up some of the kids and bringing them along; […] ...more

Don’t Worry, You Won’t Make Me Sad

It’s been eight weeks since the day Kalkidan left our arms and entered heaven. Maybe I should just say that it’s been eight weeks since she died, but it hurts my heart to write...more

Sunday Gratitude 2.22.15

giving thanks #1611 – 1620 new paint that I adore in the dining room Hannah’s visit, which was longer than usual thanks to her research rotation good news for Noah and Katie about his summer research in Seattle Katie’s job promotion traveling to Refresh later this week taking some of the kids with us celebrating […] ...more

Thank God for the Gift of Experiences

Kalkidan turned 13 last October. This was a much anticipated birthday, so much so that...more

A Light to My Path

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105 I know how important it is to be in the Word of God, and even more so during a time of deep suffering, but I’m finding it hard to focus chapter by chapter. So I set a task for […] ...more

“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and Grief

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman...more

Sunday Gratitude 2.7.15

giving thanks #1601 – 1610 Laura’s help all of last week (thanks for the plane ticket, Mom and Dad) Hannah arriving on Thursday waking up Saturday morning and not immediately counting one more week since the accident walking getting much, much easier the orange glassybaby candle that makes me think of Kalkidan delicious and […] ...more

Almost Normal

I found this post in my “Drafts” folder. Written on December 12th, I hadn’t gotten around to posting it. It’s a testimony to the dramatic healing that was taking place in Kalkidan and in our family ....more

The Profound Presence of Absence

In the days following the accident, a wise psychologist and friend came to our home to meet with with our family. He talked about grief and what we all might feel and experience....more

Sunday Gratitude 2.1.15

This simple ritual of giving thanks is especially important to me right now. It would be very easy to let my mind sink into the lowest, saddest places. I’m choosing to remind myself over and over of the truth, that we serve a loving God who loves Kalkidan more than we ever could imagine — […] ...more