Girls Against Boys

Talk about excited. When I saw the title of Beyoncé's latest video “Run the World (Girls),” all I could think of was how fast I would be able to embed the video code of One Dynamite Brown Girl singing One Dynamite Girl Power song anthem on to®. What a perfect fit....more

The Kindness of Strangers

Several years ago, I remember spending hours and dollars getting my first real Web site up and running.  Finally.  My dream business had a face.  It was so exciting.  How accomplished I felt.  And then a business coach I met at a conference told me rather matter-of-factly that Web sites were passé and that blogging was “where it’s at.”   I needed to get with it, he told me with a flourish.  You need to engage. So I did what any girl that had just spent all of her money would do.  I became defiant.  There was no way I wa...more

The Burden of Epiphany

I see now that there is quite a bit of burden that comes with epiphany.  In my case anyway. Moments ago, I awoke from a horrible and vivid dream where I found myself first startled and then frozen with fear, temporarily relieved, afraid again, and then running for my life.  I woke up with a start.  Sparing you the details (and frankly, not wanting to go over them in my head again), it didn’t take me long to connect the dots.  I am afraid. After waking up with a knot in my stomach, lying quite still in bed beside my sleeping husband, and then ...more

I wanted to post my Mom's response to post. Not sure why. Just wanted to:

I understand your ...more

Living With Albinism

I have seen a number of people with Albinism in my lifetime in passing and never really thought too much about it other than it's a really cool and unusual look, but I certainly never thought of this rarity as anything other than that. So you can imagine how alarmed and surprised I was to learn about the blatant discrimination and killings (!!!!) of people with Albinism based on superstition and on the color of their perfectly imperfect skin. ...more
Well done! We see first hand all the problems and pain that people with albinism suffer here in ...more

What Not to Wear ... for Halloween

Without even tapping into all of the overtly and overly sexualized Halloween costumes on the market, here’s a look at some of the culturally inappropriate costumes that are (unfortunately) certain to pop up this Halloween and, in my opinion, should be taken off the market entirely. ...more
Thanks for the heads up! Need some more Halloween costume ideas? Pick or Pitch your favorite ...more

The One Brown Girl Challenge

The subject of hair (and skin tone) is very tender for some. As women of color, we aren't always satisfied with our tresses, and sometimes grow up believing that our hair isn't straight enough or long enough or soft enough or... I dunno... just not enough. So when I saw the Sesame Street video below, I instantly fell in love with the song and the message behind it and I've been singing ever since! ...more

I think the song is postive, however I do not think it will be engouh to make young girls ...more